He Suffered From Low-Esteem… Now He’s Graduating From Harvard University!

Posted On : 06/07/2018

Kenneth Ononeze Okwor just made his home country of Nigeria proud.

Okwor took to his Facebook profile to share the amazing feat of how he graduated from Harvard University.

According to his Facebook post, the young man suffered badly from low self esteem. 

He decided to become a student at Harvard in order to to cure himself of his depression.

He Is Grateful To God For His Achievement


Aside from congratulating his professors and fellow students he also added that he is grateful to God.

Okwor says he now sees that he only sees the sky as his limits. 

He Found His Self Worth

His post reads in part: “I came to Harvard to find a cure for my Impostor Syndrome (when people doubt their accomplishments) and to convince myself that I am worth it.”

“Indeed, Harvard treated me: my blood became crimson, my heart received the seal of the Great H, and my mind was trained to seek out the truth (Veritas). “

“The professors, my healers, exposed me to the deep secrets of knowledge in my chosen field; and for the first time, I was taught to think and to think again.”

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