[Full Video] Family Finds Stranger Asleep On Couch, Says She’s Not Leaving — ‘Copped’

Posted On : 06/17/2017

This video is trending Facebook right now. She just would not leave the family’s house. And, her story didn’t change, even when “cops” arrived. Here’s what happened.

VISALIA, CALIFORNIA — You never know what people will do while under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

YouTuber Chris Ojeda came home and found this woman on his couch. At first, his family attempted to show compassion.

It was apparent that something wasn’t right about her. Maybe she was on drugs or was drunk.

Here's a preview of what was going on.
She was completely sleep when they came in — totally made herself at home.

Several times, Chris asked her to simply put her shoes on and step outside. They even said they wouldn’t call police if she just got out of their house.

However, the sleeping woman wasn’t having it.

According to her, the house now belonged to her.


She “copped” it.

Now, it’s hers. Those are the rules.

Before you see the video from the beginning, here’s a preview of what was going on.

… …

Bruh. This girl was on something serious.

Understandably so, Chris couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“What does that even mean?? That means nothing to me!”

Essentially, it’s the same as calling “dibs.” So, yeah. She called dibs on his house and said she didn’t have to leave.

How did they EVEN?…

They tried for a while to find out the woman’s identity and why she was there.

When they questioned her, repeatedly, she provided no answers other than “copped.”

Well, actually, she did mention she was dropped off by her boyfriend.

Too, she told them she wasn’t homeless at all, but also that she still didn’t have to leave the house.

But other than that, “copped” was all they got out of her.

You can watch the videos from start to finish for yourself below.

After a while, they gave up and let the police handle it. Hilariously enough, she gave officers the same answer.

Honestly, what would you have done in this situation?

I know I wouldn’t have attempted to reason with her like that. After she would’ve told me, ONCE, that she wasn’t leaving, that would’ve been it.

According to Chris, this incident happened in 2014.

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[Featured Photo via YouTube]

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