Story About Black Starbucks Employee In Atlanta Spitting In White Woman’s Coffee Was A Hoax

Posted On : 01/11/2018

A Facebook post by an alleged Starbucks employee who claimed to do some pretty disgusting things to White people’s orders turned out to be a hoax, according to the chain. A fictitious Black woman named “Shanell Rivers” is not and never has been employed by the coffee chain, but the allegations made in her post resulted in an Atlanta-area store being shut down. The company is trying to find the person responsible.

“Rivers” posted to a Facebook group called “White People Vs Black People (The Original)” where she wrote a list of six things that she did at work that week. the disgusting rundown included spitting in an “old ass White ladies machiato,” putting a “thumb prick of blood in the strawberry jam on a White man’s bagel, stealing $94 by overcharging customers, and cleaning a White woman’s table with the same rag she used to clean the bathrooms.

Somehow, those who saw the post determined that the Starbucks shop on Peachtree Road in Brookhaven, Ga., was the location in question. After being flooded with phone calls throughout the day on Sunday, the decision to close its doors two hours early was made. The Brookhaven Police Department has since opened an investigation in hopes of finding out who created the “Shanell Rivers” account and post to the Facebook group. They have reportedly increased surveillance in the area.

On Monday morning, Starbucks took to Twitter with their preliminary findings and refuted the claims made in the fake post. The “Shanell Rivers” Facebook account has also since disappeared.

“We appreciate your concern,” the Starbucks tweet read. “These posts (one of which uses a stock photo that was pulled from Getty Images) are completely false and created maliciously. Starbucks does not have a partner (employee) by the name Shanell Rivers.”

According to Patch, the post reached far and wide across social media channels over the weekend. It was retweeted 626 times from one Twitter post alone. It prompted people to alert the FBI, Starbucks, and the Justice Department asking that “Shanell Rivers” be investigated for health department violations and potential hate crimes against White Starbucks customers.

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