Reward Now Being Offered For Information On Steven Stephens

Posted On : 04/17/2017

Now, there’s a reward. It’s absolutely crazy that authorities are having so much trouble catching Steven Stephens, especially given all the free information he rendered the public.

CLEVELAND, OHIO — How wild is it that we can find Osama Bin Laden, right down to the specific room of his house, but we can’t find a man who gave ALL his personal information freely?

If you remember Stephens’ video manifesto, he even gave authorities his phone number so they could track and catch him.

Yet, likewise in some kind of twisted game, he mentioned that he’d continue the random killings until police forces catch him.

Well Now…

Cleveland Police Department is asking for the public’s help in finding the murderer. It’s even offering a reward, according to WKYC-3 News.

According to the source, authorities are offering $50,000 for the capture of Steven Stephens — or rather, for critical and credible information regarding his location.

Until Then…

The source notes that Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams has asked for Stephens to end the search peacefully by calling a friend.

The Inquisitr notes that the suspect’s phone was pinged in Pennsylvania Monday afternoon, eastern standard time.

However, WKYC-3 further states the PA spotting was only rumor, according to law enforcement. The source reports as follows.

“An alleged spotting in Philadelphia earlier Monday afternoon was proven to not be accurate.”

And while there’s speculation that Stephens has crossed state lines, Cleveland Police say there’s no evidence to support this claim; it’s simply a possibility. So since it’s probable, they’re advising the public accordingly.

So, Via Twitter…

There are several tweets from users who were ready to “welcome” Steven Stephens into the state. You can see their updates here.

But nevertheless, as aforementioned, it turns out the Pennsylvania sighting was only rumor.

All in all, we’d love to know your thoughts about Steven Stephens’ disappearance.

Do you feel like authorities really care about this incident? Look at all the information he’s willingly given the public. Generally, law enforcement has far less information to reference and still end up finding suspects within hours of crimes — if they really want and are determined to find them.

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