Staten Island Cop Knocked Out Cold By Boyfriend Of Woman He Ticketed

Posted On : 10/07/2017

For many, getting a traffic ticket is an annoying inconvenience because of the time it takes to resolve it and often the unexpected costs. But does that in and of itself justify going after the cop who wrote the ticket?

Apparently, Divon D. Cochrane believed that it did. On Wednesday afternoon, he tracked down a Staten Island traffic agent who had previously written his girlfriend a citation. According to the New York Post, Cochrane was none too happy about it. He sneaked up behind the officer and sucker-punched him in the throat before fleeing the scene on foot.

Let’s Go To The Tape

The entire attack was captured on film. Cochrane was seen walking towards the intersection of Herberton Street and Post Avenue in Port Richmond, New York, around 2:54 p.m. where the agent was patrolling. Cochrane appeared to be on a phone call when he spotted the 50-year-old officer. He ended the call moments after spotting his target and walked into the intersection right behind the man. Before he knew what hit him, Cochrane had punched the man in the throat using his left hand.

The officer immediately fell down to the ground. Reportedly, he lost consciousness briefly and was taken to Staten Island University Hospital North. The officer was examined and treated for an injury to his head and bruising on his neck. He was later released.

Is There More To The Story?

There doesn’t seem to be any connection between the two men prior to this incident. The victim could not identify his attacker. Police released video footage to the public and asked for the community’s help in identifying Cochrane. But once he saw the footage, the 27-year-old turned himself in to authorities.

Cochrane now faces two charges of assault and one count of harassment of a police officer. There is no word on what the penalties will be for attacking the man just yet. Perhaps more information will be released about what motivated Cochrane to punch the officer. Since his girlfriend was involved, it is quite possible that something went awry with the way the officer handled Cochrane’s girlfriend. But because this was a police officer, Cochrane will certainly have to pay a price for his deeds.

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