Stars Of TLC Show ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Say That Polygamy Can Work For Black People

Posted On : 02/14/2018

Happy Valentine’s Day! While many of us have big plans to celebrate the holiday with the people we love the most (give or take), consider that there are many alternatives to the traditional romantic relationships. Some date monogamously, some have open relationships, and there are even those who have friends with benefits.

But one Black couple featured on TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife is redefining marriage. Not only are they not legally married, the couple practices polygamy and is looking to expand their family with another woman. Their pursuit for plurality is documented on the show.

Dimitri and Ashley Snowden have been together for nine years and share three children. The newest addition to the family is just 11 weeks old. Dimitri wants a huge family, but Ashley has reached her limit with the three they share. For this couple, bringing in another wife is the answer. Ashley is looking for a partnership and collaboration in the home.

“For me, it’s all about sisterhood and building and working together,” Ashley told Jacque Reid on The Tom Joyner Morning Show. “I feel like when women come together, we are creative.”

The Snowdens have taken an unconventional path to marriage. Although there are legal instruments in place to protect Ashley and the children’s interests, the couple have opted not to wed. This answers the question of the legality of their union and how they can marry another woman. Polygamy is against the law. Dimitri explained that they don’t need the government to legitimize their relationship.

“For us, we don’t subscribe to state-recognized marriage,” Dimitri explained. “We’re in love with each other. We don’t need the state to recognize that.”

In order for polygamy to work, according to the Snowdens, there have to be some ground rules. They will choose the new wife together. Dimitri’s sexual relationships with the wives will be independent of each other–in other words, no threesomes. The new wife will have to connect with Dimitri, Ashley, and their children while fully embracing the lifestyle.

The couple acknowledges that the challenges they face are no different than any other romantic relationship. All relationships have problems, but the Snowdens say that the chances of a happy union all boil down to choosing the right people.

“I think it’s about first of all making sure you have compatible people in the union,” Dimitri said. “If you don’t have the right people in the relationship, the relationship is doomed.”

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