Weeks Before ‘Black Panther’ Debut, Stan Lee Sexual Harassment Allegation Surfaces

Posted On : 01/10/2018

HOLLYWOOD HILLS, CALIFORNIA — Projected to be the highest-grossing Marvel film ever, of course they’d play the only card they have left. Character assassination.

Note: How very convenient that this particular type of allegation would come out so close to Black Panther’s release. Now, people are talking about boycotting the movie as a show of support for the anonymous, alleged victims. This is complete and utter bulls**t and here’s why.

This story began at Daily Mail Online. The Internet — primarily social media users — feels very strongly against the news source, calling it a tabloid and claiming many of its stories are either fabricated or full of holes.

Well when Daily Mail published the story, it called on “a source with knowledge of the situation.”


This “source” says 95-year-old Stan Lee has been sexually harassing his home-care nurses by groping them and demanding oral sex.

Daily Mail reports as follows.

“He is said to have asked for oral sex in the shower, walked around naked and wanted to be ‘pleasured’ in the bedroom.”

The supposed “source” who contacted Daily Mail also calls Lee an “old man who has lost his way.”

… … So, Stan Lee is a sexual beast at 95 years of age, huh? Really?

Note: This isn’t to take anything away from the realness of the topic. Sexual harassment is obviously a horrible thing happening to real people. But, timing couldn’t be more “impeccable” in regards to Black Panther’s box office debut.

If he’s been harassing his nurses all this time, why didn’t they come out about it when Thor 3, X-Men Apocalypse, Captain America: Civil War, etc. were about to debut? Why chose now — when this pro-Black, melanated awesomeness is about to hit the big screen?


Another news medium did a little research of its own. Buzzfeed News.

According to Guardian, Buzzfeed contacted a previous nursing firm that had provided care for Lee. That firm denied making any legal claim or compensation request from him.

Yet, according to Daily Mail‘s “source,” the current nursing firm’s owner claims that Stan Lee has harassed “every single nurse that has been to the house.” And the owner is demanding “compensation,” or she’d go to the media. So, essentially, she’s holding his credibility at ransom.

Funny how Daily Mail refuses to name the nursing company in question.


According to Guardian, Tom Lallas — Stan Lee’s attorney — sent a cease and desist letter to the owner of the nursing firm on December 20. The attorney describes the allegations as defamatory.

Lallas states that Lee “categorically denies the allegations” and is intending to fight to protect his good name. The attorney mentions as follows.

“We are not aware of anyone filing a civil action, or reporting these issues to the police.”

He continues by stating that Lee has done “absolutely nothing wrong.”

Honestly, this particular allegation has “AGENDA” written all over it.


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