Sooooo…Beyoncé Just Bought A Church

Posted On : 05/26/2018

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA — Maybe a Beyoncé-themed mass wasn’t enough? According to outlets, Queen Bey just acquired an actual church building. What’s about to happen?

As you recently saw during Beychella, her musicianship and influence know no bounds. And now, it seems that statement has materialized even further.

According to TMZ, Beyoncé just bought her own church in New Orleans.

TMZ reports as follows.

“Queen Bey’s the new owner of a stone structured, 7,500 sq. ft house of God in The Big Easy. The New Orleans church — which is more than 100 years old — was listed at $850,000.”

NOTE: Likewise, apparently, the church building is also said to be close by Solange’s home in the Big Easy.

The source mentions that the church property actually hasn’t been used as a place of worship in a while.

Yet, at the moment, it’s still not exactly clear what Queen Bey wants to do with the place. However, the source states that — if it’s anything like the Beyoncé masses which happened at San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral — it should be lit!

Jezebel notes that Beyoncé has “several modest earthly dwellings but no real portal between heaven and earth, no official passage for Beyoncé to commune with Yoncé, Sasha, and the Holy Ghost.”

So, according to the source, this might be her church. Actually, TMZ calls it “THE CHURCH.”

Included in square footage, the source also mentions that it’s a two bed, two bath.

The Redfin listing, itself, describes the property as follows.

“Garden District One of a Kind! The 100+ year old Church on the corner of Camp and Seventh is for sale. Zoned HU. RD1… affords many possibilities for redevelopment as a single, multi- family , remaining as a Church, possibility of a commercial usage or many other possibilities. This stone structure has a congregation area 45 X 45 with 18 foot ceilings, level hardwood floors, living area with 15 foot ceilings, over 7500 sq. ft. and some off street parking.”

“Holy lord … Beyonce now has her very own church!” TMZ exclaims.

As you can see from the property description, Beyonce’s church was built in the early 1900’s. However, according to TMZ, it’s been out of commission as a place of worship for years due to its church members passing away.

“Looks like it could be revival time though … and Beyonce shouldn’t have any issues finding folks willing to get in formation and join her congregation. Speaking of … a San Francisco church held the first ever ‘Beyonce Mass’ a few weeks ago and had more than 900 people show up for it.”

And this is true. As aforementioned regarding Grace Cathedral’s mass dedicated to Queen Bey, it actually, really happened.

In case you missed footage from the event, feel free to watch the included video below. According to the video, they used Bey’s songs as a message of empowerment and enlightenment.

If she would really turn this place into a church, could you imagine the insane turnout numbers of her attendance?

So, what are your thoughts about Beyoncé’s church business? Will it actually be a Church of Yoncé? If you have any comments, feel free to share them via our Facebook page.

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