Snap! BBW’s Tami Roman Drags Evelyn Lozado & Porsha Williams (Video)

Posted On : 04/19/2017


Basketball Wives is back and Tami Roman is doing what she does best which is to throw open and honest shade. However, that’s what she is being paid to do.

Tami Spills The Tea:

Tami Roman is a veteran reality star. Before she was even a member of the Basketball Wives franchise, she was a cast member on MTV’s Real World. Never straying too far from her roots, Tami Roman is making media rounds to promote the current season of Basketball Wives. This season is particularly epic because commercials have shown Evelyn Lozado and Tami Roman going toe to toe.


In the words of Evelyn Lozado, Roman referred to her as a ” “no-[expletive] factor”. According to Tami, after leaving the franchise, Lozado vowed to never return. However, Tami believes that Evelyn is back because of her reality show being canceled on OWN.

Interestingly enough, Evelyn was adamant that she would not come back to BBW. Due to the overwhelming response from her fans, Evelyn decided to return. Not only did her fans convince Evelyn to return, she also says that she returned to L.A. to be closer to her daughter.

It’s not a shock that Tami is letting Lozado have it. On the contrary, it is surprising that she decided to shade RHOA cast member Porsha Williams. In an interview, She was asked which member of RHOA would work well with the Basketball Wives LA cast member. Without hesitation, Roman pointed out that Porsha Williams would be a perfect fit.

Here’s why Tami feels that Porsha would be a great fit:

she has just enough petty, [expletive], wannabe classy to be one of our new girls.

See more of what Tami said below: 

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