SMH…Video Shows Hospice Workers On SnapChat In Dying Patient’s Room

Posted On : 07/12/2018

Three hospice workers in Jefferson, GA are now facing felony charges for a SnapChat video they filled while at work. Of course, we’ve all seen videos posted on social media of people at work, but this video, in question is a bit different. Apparently, these ladies filmed the video inside a patient’s room and to make matters worse, they mocked the dying patient’s condition. Now, they’re suffering severe consequences for their actions.

The SnapChat Video:

According to 11 Alive, Jorden Bruce, Lizeth Ramirez, and Mya Moss are now facing felony charges for exploitation and intimidation of disabled adults. It has been reported that the ailing patient in their care had recently suffered a stroke and had been placed in the care of the Bentley Assisted Living at Northminster. In most cases, patients are transferred to hospice facilities so they can be made comfortable during what is presumably the final days of their lives, but unfortunately, for this patient, didn’t seem to have any compassion.

Bruce, Ramirez, and Moss were supposed to be monitoring the patient while waiting for the hospice nurse to come in but the SnapChat video reportedly showed them doing a few different things. While sitting in chairs, the ladies were seen “laughing, screaming obscenities and using a vape cigarette while Moss was shooting the video,” according to the publication.

Not A Laughing Matter:

Although the three ladies probably thought their video was comical, it’s probably safe to say the situation isn’t so funny now. During a brief interview with the publication, Jefferson Police Detective Jay Parker explained that on Thursday, June 14, officers were summoned to the facility. Cynthia Archer – the executive director of the facility stated that the video was reported by another employee.

Detective Parker also explained the details behind the video. “They were obviously more interested in playing on the phone and making the video and cutting up and making a joke of the situation,” Parker said. “My understanding is that the hospice nurse had been contacted, and these employees were supposed to be watching the female, and obviously that wasn’t happening.”

Parker also reprimanded the women for failing to do their job or have compassion for the dying woman. “They should have been watching her,” he said. “It was my understanding she was having difficulty swallowing, also, with moving around. She could have choked, fallen off the bed — anything. Since she’d had a stroke, her condition had worsened and her health was declining, so that was a serious time they were experiencing.”

“We take very serious the care and responsibility that people have to take care of disabled adults when they’re at a home like this. When there’s someone not doing their job that could cost a person their life, it’s very serious and we take it serious,” Parker said. “We don’t want that to happen to anybody’s family, and we want to make sure that does not happen again.”

Bentley Assisted Living Responds:

In wake of the reports about the disheartening video, Archer released a brief statement about the incident. She confirmed all three women had been terminated. “We can confirm the recent termination of the three Bentley employees in connection with unprofessional behavior at work. Upon learning about this incident, we promptly contacted the Jefferson Police Department and an investigation was started. No resident’s condition was compromised as a result of this unfortunate event.”

If convicted, all three women could be fined up to $50,000 or face a maximum of 20 years behind bars. The patient left in the workers’ care has since died.

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