Six Black Princeton Students Walked Out Of Class Because The Professor Kept Saying ‘N*gger’, But It Gets Worse

Posted On : 02/08/2018

Anthropology professor Lawrence Rosen found out the hard way that saying the N-word with a hard “R” while lecturing on cultural freedoms has serious repercussions. On Tuesday, a total of six Black students walked out of his lecture after he used the racial slur multiple times. His intention was to deliver a “gut punch,” but the reaction from the class wasn’t exactly what he was expecting.

Student Devvyn Holliday told The Daily Princetonian that Rosen was “describing what is acceptable as free speech” as opposed to what does not qualify. His example did more than get the room’s attention.

“What is worse: a White man punching a Black man or a White man calling a Black man n*gger?” Rosen reportedly asked the class.

Rosen then repeated the word two more times shocking the class. Student Destiny Salter said that the Black students were looking at each other with confused expressions on their faces as they wondered if their ears had actually deceived them. That’s when Malachi Byrd reportedly asked Rosen if he was going to keep using the slur.

“So are you going to keep using the N-word?” Holliday told The Daily Princetonian that Byrd asked.

Rosen allegedly responded saying that he would continue as long as deemed it necessary. Byrd walked out. He was later joined by several other students who were appalled that Rosen ignored the students’ objections. Holliday also said that E. Jeremijenko-Conley, a White student, spoke out against the professor’s use of the word. He told Rosen that it made him uncomfortable, to no avail.

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At some point, Byrd returned to the lecture hall to challenge Rosen on his word choice. Several students began to argue with the professor and insisted that he apologize. But Rosen was neith sorry nor did he display any remorse. He didn’t believe that he had done anything wrong.

“I don’t think I need to apologize,” Rosen supposedly said. “I did not oppress anyone.”

Lawrence Rosen is a professor at Princeton and is the butt hole of the week. Princeton University, take another look. Racial slurs of any kind by any race is unacceptable…

Posted by Ted Adderly on Thursday, February 8, 2018

Two of the students in the class have filed a formal grievance with Justine Levine, the director of studies in the Rockerfeller College. Levine has responded via email of her intention to help the students resolve the issue. But so far, no disciplinary action has been taken against Rosen.

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