Siblings Death Considered Murder After Questioning Mother’s Boyfriend

Posted On : 07/13/2017
2-year-old Olivia Gee and 3-year-old Micah Gee

Young Sacrifices

Reportedly, two siblings lost their lives three minutes apart in Bronx, New York on Monday. Early Monday morning  Micah Gee, 3, and his little sister Olivia Gee, 2, lost their lives and was discovered by their mothers boyfriend.

The brother and sister were beaten repeatedly in their chests areas and died from their injuries. People close to the story want to talk with the siblings mother regarding the death of her too small children.

Unfortunately, the mother Jade Spencer, 31, is currently in Montefiore Medical Center, in a psychiatric hospital unit, due to an emotional breakdown. The police will follow-up with speaking to her upon her release. Her boyfriend Novell Jordon, also 31, is a member of the gang Bloods.

Two Different Stories?

He was questioned at the 50th Precinct station not long after their mother called the police to her apartment on Van Cortlandt Park South. During questioning, Jordon requested the presence of a lawyer and would not speak further with detectives. He was then released without any charges according to NYDailyNews. “He lawyered up so we can’t talk to him,” a unidentified police source said.

Spencer told police her boyfriend smoked pot and drank beer while they watched a movie together. She fell asleep on the couch, woke up about 11 p.m. Sunday and went to bed. Around 1:15 a.m. Monday, Jordon came to her bedroom and said something was wrong with the kids.

The boyfriend, meanwhile, told a different story. He claimed he fell asleep on the couch and was awakened by Spencer before she went to bed. When he woke up, the boyfriend says he walked by the kids’ room and heard wheezing. He woke up the mom after 1 a.m.

Spencer, a nurse practitioner, told police she ran to the bedroom and gave her son Albuterol, a drug that can ease breathing in asthmatics. She also called 911.

Medics rushed the children to Montefiore Medical Center, where Olivia died at 2:10 a.m. Micah died three minutes later, sources said.

Jordon has four prior arrests, three of which are sealed. In July 2004, he was charged with possession of a machete and fireworks. The outcome of that case was not immediately clear.

The death of the young brother and sister has wounded the city. The mayor had this to say:

“Our city is mourning the loss of two young children in a tragedy Monday in the Bronx,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said. “As a parent, it’s very painful for me to think about the death of these two children and what the family is going through right now. The NYC Police Department and Administration for Children’s Services will continue to investigate this tragedy.”

Father Greg Gee on the left.

Bad Things And Good People

According to a Facebook post, this is Greg Gee, the children’s father. His cousin Saunique Gee, who’s 34 had this to say:

“It’s really tragic,” said Saunique Gee, 34, a cousin of the childrens’ father, Greg Gee. “I’m wondering why bad things happen to good people.”

The father Greg, posted the picture of his two children on Facebook on March 5th and stated:

“The Gems, they can’t do wrong with Dad!” he wrote.

Now he is left to grieve the death of his two small children. According to information posted by the source, The mother of the two children Jade Spencer, had lithium, a prescription for the treatment of bipolar disorder and/or depression. There were also no children service cases prior to this tragedy as posted by the source.

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