[Video] Hurricane Harvey: Shelter Victims ‘Doing It’ In Middle Of Room

Posted On : 09/04/2017

People have ZERO self-control, making everyone else look bad!

HOUSTON, TEXAS — Downtown, at the George R. Brown Convention Center, absolute foolery reigned supreme.


After the center opened its doors to victims, all walks of people entered the facility — even those obviously lacking common sense.

One Houston resident had the displeasure of recording a vile, sexual encounter during his stay in the facility.

On the other side of his camera, he witnessed a displaced couple having sex on one of the beds … within a crowded room!

Matter of fact, from the looks of the video below, they were in the center of the room.

The cameraman zoomed in possibly as far as his digital cam would take the footage in clarity.

WARNING: The following video contains graphic material. Viewer discretion is advised.

You can OBVIOUSLY tell the two are engaging in “inappropriate activity.”

You just got rescued from certain disaster … from drowning — a fate worse than death, so to speak.

Yet, you still want to drown someone’s genitals??


Kids in the same room….

I mean, there are kids in this very same room. There are no doors, no curtains.

Just wide open space where everybody can see, and those two are “going in” like they had it on schedule!

Please, let us know your thoughts about this nonsense. And share this article to put these inconsiderate mofos to shame. This makes no sense at all.

There were kids in there!

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