Wait, Wait, Wait … Shaq For Sheriff In 2020? He’s For Real

Posted On : 08/08/2017

What’s up with all these celebrities running for government positions? There’s more to Shaquille O’Neal‘s law enforcement history though. He’s actually already sworn in.

MCDONOUGH, GEORGIA — According to Washington Post, Shaq recently moved to Henry County to continue a sports commentary position with television network TNT.

Along with signing the multi-year contact extension with the company, Shaq bought a home in the area.

And, it looks like he plans to continue his law enforcement side gig as well. Via the source, Shaquille mentions as follows.

“I don’t think I could be sheriff in Florida and work in Atlanta. So I bought a house in Atlanta, and I’m going to be in Atlanta full time, so it’s like, let me try here first, and maybe when it’s all said and done, I could go back and be the sheriff in Florida.”

But, why Florida?

During his law enforcement side career, he’s also been a reserve police officer in Florida in the past, as well as a deputy marshal in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Likewise, many people don’t know that Shaquille is already a deputy sheriff in Clayton County, Georgia. According to the source, he was sworn in by Sheriff Victor Hill in 2016.

The gap between law enforcement and communities is too spread out,” says Shaquille.

“When I was coming up, police were real respected. I don’t know how it’s gotten so far apart, but I know in the community that I live in, I know that I could change some of that.”

***It’s probably the case that — in his day — police weren’t as trigger happy as well, right?***

However, Shaq says he feels he can make the system work. According to Washington Post, he notes as follows.

“I’d just have to do it piece by piece and piece by piece, the way I do business, and the way I won championships, I’m very confident that I can run a successful operation.”

All in all, let us know what you think about Shaquille’s law enforcement passions. Feel free to share your thoughts via our Facebook page.

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