Shameik Moore as Black Spiderman, Win Oscar

Posted On : 02/25/2019

You don’t have to be a comic book geek to know who Spiderman is. And if you don’t he is the superhero that swings on a web in New York City. No he is not real but, the Movie is. And On Oscar night Sony Studios “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” made history with its Animated Spiderman Cartoon. The Marvel movie made history by becoming the first Marvel superhero film to win an Oscar that starred its first Black Spiderman.

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Speaking It Into Existence

As most of us know, and if in case you didn’t, this movie about Spiderman is about a young, 13 year-old half African-American, half Latino Miles Morales who’s voice was actor’s Shameik Moore. Moore became the first Black Spiderman and the Movie won an Oscar. Moore a vibrant, talented African American actor, who also starred in the movie “Dope”, ironically played a young dope version of the famous and Iconic Marvel’s “Spiderman”.

Moore envisioned himself in the role years before the movie came out. He is known for speaking his Spiderman role into existence. From an Entertainment Tonight News article Moore said “I saw a cartoon a few years earlier where Miles Morales made an appearance, and I was like, he looks just like me, and I was very surprised that he was black, my co-star on Dope had given me a journal, and we were trying to will our success into existence. So, I was like, ‘I need to write this down.’ And I wrote, ‘I am Miles Morales. I am Spider-Man.’ ”


Well would you know that after writing that down in his journal that he WOULD become Spiderman. It was said that after he did the Dope film that he auditioned to be Spiderman with over a thousand others! Who knew! That was some real “Lavar Ball” stuff right there! Speak it and it shall be done.


Morales was not the only black voice in the cartoon. Green Book’s Mahershala Ali was the voice of Miles Morales’ uncle Aaron and Brian Tyree Henry of if Beale Street could Talk and Atlanta was the voice of Spiderman’s father. Marvel also received awards for “The Black Panther”.

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