After Several Complaints & Lawsuits, Atlanta Doctor Officially Suspended For Operating Room Videos

Posted On : 06/12/2018

A couple of weeks ago, Dr. Windell Boutte found herself at the center of controversy after videos from her YouTube channel sparked outrage. For those who haven’t heard about Boutte, she is considered the top cosmetic surgeon in the southeast region of the United States. To many people, her name carries weight because of her professional accomplishments but she’s also known as the “dancing doctor.” However, that’s not because dancing is a hobby when she’s away from work. Apparently, Boutte enjoys dancing at work; in the operating room, to be more exact. So, what’s the big problem with that?

Well, the videos have captured Boutte dancing during medical procedures. While none of the patients’ faces can be seen, they could be seen lying on the table sedated as Boutte dances around them rappin’ and singin’. Although Boutte was allowed to continue practicing after the initial complaints were filed, now it looks like she’s beginning to face the consequences of her actions.


According to WSB-TV, Dr. Windell Boutte has been suspended amid heightened controversy along with a flood of complaints and multiple malpractice lawsuits. The suspension follows the discovery of 20 disturbing videos on Boutte’s YouTube channel. The publication reports, “some featured the board-certified dermatologist dancing and singing around exposed, unmoving patients. In one Boutte made incisions while she sang and cavorted to the camera.

Outrage and Anger:

As expected, the videos have received mixed reactions as some people don’t see the problem with Boutte enjoying the work she does. However, many others argue that her actions are careless unprofessional. Now, she’s facing several complaints and malpractice lawsuits with one family insisting Boutte is responsible for the brain damage their family member suffered following what would normally be considered a minor procedure that Boutte suggested.

During an interview with WSB-TV, court records from one of the notable malpractice lawsuits have been revealed. Those documents are in reference to Icilma Cornelius’ case. Cornelius first visited Boutte’s Premier Aesthetic Center, in early 2016 to prepare for her upcoming wedding. Like most women, she wanted to look her best for her big day so she underwent minor procedures to enhance her physical features. So, she opted for Botox and fillers. “She just wanted to be perfect for her wedding dress,” Cornelius’ son, Ojay Liburd, explained to the publication. “She had everything going for her.”

While there Boutte suggested a liposuction procedure but things took an unexpected turn when Cornelius went into cardiac arrest during the surgery. She ultimately suffered permanent brain damage and never made it down the aisle.“The doctor really made it seem like she was going to be OK,” Liburd said. “She just made it seem like it would be fine.”

Now, Ojay Liburd is determined to hold Boutte accountable for his mother’s injuries. In fact, during an interview with CNN, he revealed he was the person who raised awareness about Boutte’s YouTube channel. The seemingly careless videos appear to prove that Boutte could have very well been negligent during the procedure. Now, Liburd is hoping to stop her in her tracks so no one suffers like his mother has. As a result of the surgery, Cornelius has to have mandatory around-the-clock care. But despite his mother’s condition, Boutte has gone on with her life as if nothing has happened, according to Cornelius’ family attorney, “She is still getting up and going to work every day and making a great deal of money, subjecting patients who are none the wiser to her unsafe practices,” Witt told Strickland.

The publication also detailed specifics about the procedure arguing why Boutte should be held accountable:

During her procedure on Feb. 18, 2016, Cornelius was not intubated, and did not receive general anesthesia. She was given a cocktail of drugs, including Propofol and fentanyl. The lawsuit claimed no end-tidal CO2 monitoring equipment was used during the procedure. In deposition Boutte said staff contracted to administer anesthesia did not think end-tidal CO2 monitoring was necessary.

Clappin’ Back:

Despite the heightened criticism, Boutte insists she’s done nothing wrong. During a previous interview, Boutte boldly addressed the allegations making her stance very clear. She doesn’t believe she should be held accountable for what happened to Cornelius even though it happened on her watch and she’d suggested the procedure. “I just wanted to keep her costs down and give her what she needed from a lipo-sculpting standpoint for her wedding. I told her, ‘that’s my present to you’.” Boutte said in her deposition. She added, “Would I go back and do anything differently? No, because it was something unforeseen and unpreventable,” she said.

Regardless of what the situation may be, the videos definitely aren’t helping Boutte’s arguments at all.

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