Michael B. Jordan’s Response Is Hilarious When Journalist Tried The Wakanda Salute

Posted On : 05/14/2018

Talk about awkward….a video of Michael B. Jordan and Australian reporter, Maude Garrett, has gone viral. Garrett is an Australian radio and television personality, magazine columnist, and YouTube personality. She actually seems pretty cool and she kinda reminds you of the token white girl that has black friends. Recently, Garrett sat down with Black Panther star Michael B. Jordan and she tried to greet him with the Wakanda Salute but Jordan wasn’t having it.

A video clip of Michael B. Jordan interviewing with Australian journalist Maude Garrett has resurfaced and it is hilarious. The interview is 3 months old but it has recently been shared on social media. In the brief clip entitled, Flirting with Michael B. Jordan!, Garrett is all smiles as she speaks with Jordan because let’s face it, he’s eye candy. The interview begins with Jordan asking Garrett if she has seen the movie, Black Panther. Excited to prove to Garrett that she indeed has seen the movie, Garrett attempts to offer Jordan the Wakanda salute but gets rejected. Noticing that Jordan did not return the greeting, Garrett does it again and Jordan does not return the greeting. Confused by Jordan’s rudeness, Garrett doesn’t seem to understand why Jordan isn’t returning the greeting. Jordan quickly drops some Marvel knowledge on Garrett.

With a look of of annoyance on his face, Jordan said I ain’t from Wakanda.

Now, while it does seem like Jordan is throwing shade to Garrett, in reality, he’s not from Wakanda. Not only is Jordan not from Wakanda, neither is his character. Killmonger was American and from Oakland, California.While he’s the son of Wakandan royalty, Killmonger is viewed as a foreigner. Jordan is actually from Santa Ana, California. It’s quite possible that he was trying to stay in character as Killmonger wasn’t feeling the Wakanda salute either. Upon the video being shared, the internet had a field day.

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Just in case you thought the shade was real, Jordan was not trying to shade Garrett. If you watch the duration of the clip, Jordan informs Garrett that he was was just teasing her. Despite the fact that he was joking, that didn’t stop Twitter from making jokes. It’s not a big surprise that Jordan was joking as he is always relatively nice and a good guy. Playing a villain like Killmonger took him to a really dark place.

Playing The Villain Was A Different Role For Michael B. Jordan:

In speaking with Empire Online,  Jordan shared how playing a role like Killmonger was a challenge for him as he had never played a villain before. While playing the role wasn’t easy, Jordan welcomed the challenge because it took him out of his comfort zone.

For me, this is a chance for me to go furthest away from who I am. As far as just the darkness of the guy. Because Erik Killmonger is really dark, even though you empathize with him and understand his point of view. I think that the greatest villains are the ones where you can see their point of view, Jordan shared on playing Eric Killmonger. It took me to a dark place. Honestly, I can’t really go through all I went through to get into it because I want to keep that close to me. But it stuck with me afterwards.

We’re glad that Michael B. Jordan isn’t a bad guy in real life. However, Eric Killmonger was kinda sexy.

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