Security Guard Fired After Stalking Black Customer In Store

Posted On : 09/04/2018


Security Guard Fired After Stalking Black Customer In Store

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA — It seems this security officer couldn’t guard the store or his job. It’s astonishing how racists’ tendencies continue to qualify them for “unemployment” checks.

You’ve most-likely been in a similar situation. You walk into a store, and you’re minding your business. Something catches your attention, so you pick it up to see what it’s about, right? At the same time, something else traps your focus – a store clerk who seems to appear in every aisle you do.

Coincidence, huh? Of course not. You can almost feel their eyes scanning your body for potential hostility. It’s absolutely ridiculous; yet, it happens every day to those in our communities.


According to Branson Morgan, he found himself in quite the awkward situation while shopping in Breaux Mart grocer.

In a Facebook post, he mentions it as the first time he’s experienced racial profiling first-hand.

“Today, my friends and I visited Breaux Mart,” Morgan states. “Our friend was buying groceries to cook dinner for us all.”

“Three of us (two white, and me) were in one aisle looking at products (not causing a scene, being disruptive or causing any harm whatsoever) when this security guard comes up, stands about 3 ft from my friends and I and crosses his arms in a very confrontational, oppressive way.”

Then, Morgan says the man got even closer. Since “Special Officer Doofy” was only inches away at this point — now causing extreme discomfort to the group — one of the friends asked, “Can I help you?”

Morgan says the man impolitely responded: “No. Can I help you?”

According to Branson Morgan’s post, one of the friends was on a different aisle, farther down the store. Apparently, he had a basket full of groceries. It’s possible he was the one Morgan mentioned would cook for everyone.

Morgan says he and his friend told the security tard guard that they had money and totally intended on paying for anything they wanted to get. However, that didn’t stop this “officer of valor” from saving the city.

No. Instead, he continued following the group around the store. Morgan captured some of the situation on camera; and it looks like something out of Scooby-Doo episode. You know, one of the useless security guards jumping to the wrong conclusions.

As Margaret McPhearson mentions: “The security officer looks like he’s about to commit a crime: he looks suspicious himself.”

If you’re interested in the footage, check the video below.

After a while, Morgan and his friend grew tired of the man’s prejudice.

“We go a few aisles away to find our friend and tell him to return all of his items, and that we’re not spending money at a store like this. On the way there, the security guard follows us very closely the entire way.”

NOTE: Morgan says they returned everything in their basket. First of all, if it were most others (like myself), that wouldn’t have happen. All of that merchandise would’ve stayed in the basket, left in the middle of the store. Morgan and his friends are good ones for placing everything back on their respective shelves.

Yet, the situation gets more interesting.

“After being very disgruntled and returning ALL items in the basket due to the discrimination, the security guard (who I overheard making negative, derogatory and RIDICULOUS comments in the background) then follows us out and takes a PICTURE of my friends license plate,” Morgan states via Facebook.

That’s completely ludicrous.


As you’re well-aware, Donald Trump has — to all appearances — made racists feel righteous amid their collective mental illness, as coined by Jane Elliott.

If they’re willing to put their jobs on the line for “making America hate again,” it’s certainly a sickness. With that in mind, Breaux Mart wasted no time getting rid of “Special Racist Doofy.”

Likewise, the store expediently issued a public statement regarding the incident.

“We are getting to the bottom of what happened. We’ve reached out to the man in the video privately, and we are looking forward to speaking with him. Breaux Mart has zero tolerance for discrimination of any kind and we take this situation very seriously. We treat our employees, and customers equally, no matter what. In the meantime, the security guard on duty has been replaced while we investigate.”

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[Featured Photo via Branson Morgan / Facebook / screenshot]

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