Seahawks’ Richard Sherman Just Got Off The ‘All Lives Matter’ Bandwagon With This Statement

Posted On : 09/22/2016

We get it. It’s risky to publicly take a stand where your narrative could cost you money, or worse, your career.

However, afterwhile, your conscience won’t let you rest.

After seeing the recent Terence Crutcher shooting, it’s clear that Seattle Seahawks’ Richard Sherman hasn’t slept much, given his persistent “All Lives Matter” position.

When Your Conscience Beats You Down…

During a recent press conference, amid prepping for Sunday’s game against San Francisco, it’s almost as if Sherman couldn’t wait to speak.

Richard Sherman interviewing
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Something was on his heart, and he had to get it out. It was so obvious.

“I’m not going to answer any question today, and it’s no offense to you guys,” Sherman started. “But, I think the state of things in the world today is very interesting.”

“Interesting” is definitely putting it nicely. However, Sherman continues as follows.

“I think you have players who are trying to take a stand…trying to be aware of social issues…trying to make a stand and increase people’s awareness…put a spotlight on it, and they’re being ignored.”

America’s Track Record

It’s an unfortunate reality. For how long has the Black community been screaming out that Black lives matter?

For how long have recorded police killings gone dismissed?

Just look at Betty Shelby. There’s undeniable video evidence of her murder, and she’s relaxing at home on paid leave.

Richard Sherman upset
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“Whether they’re taking a knee or whether they’re locking arms, they’re trying to bring people together to unite them for a cause,” expresses Sherman.

“…More videos have come out of guys getting killed, and I think people are still missing the point. The reason these guys are kneeling, the reason we’re locking arms is to bring people together…to make people aware that this is not right.”

Do All Lives Matter?

Surely, as the human race is concerned, all lives do matter. However, right now, all lives aren’t being mistreated.

And if you’re one to proclaim “All Lives Matter,” you should take note that Black lives are included in “all.”

So, America, do you really mean what you say? Or are you just countering Black awareness as usual?

What Do You Tell the Kids?

Sherman moved the topic towards how kids have to deal with police cautions.

He mentioned that kids shouldn’t have to be told to comply with all police commands as a life or death precaution.

“There’s still a chance of them getting shot and no repercussions for anyone, that’s an unfortunate time to be living…there’s not a lot you can tell kids…something needs to be done…I’m saying, straight up, this is wrong. And we need to do something.”

It only takes one time for something to hit home before people start to get the picture.

Richard Sherman and his family
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It could’ve very well had been him. So, Richard Sherman possibly felt hard-pressed to make his statement publicly known.

After his message, he walked off the podium, still not answering reporters’ questions.

If you’re interested in the full video interview, you can watch it here.

Overall, what are your thoughts? Feel free to share in the comments below.

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