TDE’s ‘Studio Rules’ Are Hilariously Serious

Posted On : 06/09/2017

Top Dawg Entertainment. Home of Kendrick Lamar and Schoolboy Q. If you ever get the chance to visit the studio, these are the rules you have to follow.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA — Generally, you see studio sessions via Instagram and Snapchat, right? Well, if you visit TDE, there will be none of that.

Via Instagram, the label’s studio rules surfaced — and while hilarious — they seem serious too.

“Disregard this and get the tips put on you, homie.”

Never can be too careful these days…

There are several cases where ignorant people enter studios and commit crimes against its owners. So, it’s no surprise or wonder TDE is preventing that from the jump. The circle is small.

According to the first rule, you’re not even getting in if you’re not the “homie.”

Likewise, if you are the “homie,” and you’re with someone who’s not, the rule warns “do not come in here.”

Oh, it’s tight at TDE. Lol. Don’t get it twisted.

However, if you DO get into the studio…

There are certain mannerisms and gestures they’re just not going to tolerate.

The source mentions as follows.

“Studio Rules, B***h!

1. If you ain’t one of the homies, don’t be Instagramming creepy muthaf**ka. I don’t wanna look on yo Twitter and find a creepy a** pic of me or one of the homies, matter of fact. No Instagram or Twitter in the studio! Act like you been around a bunch of rich n***az from the bottom before.

2. If the homies just met you and decide to clown yo b***h a**, sit there and deal with it. It’s part of the creative juices.

3. Don’t touch, ask, or reach for Q’s weed, unless he thinks you’re cool enuff to pass it to you. We only smoke stersonals around here boy.

4. Shut up and look ugly for the homies.

5. Remember these rules and you might get a meal out the food budget.”

I mean, if you’re trying to get your foot in the door, what’s a little ego sacrifice?

You are trying to hang with a group that practices humbleness, right? Put that ego to the test and “look ugly for the homies.”

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[Featured Photo via Instagram]

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