School Suspends Teacher For Flunking Students Who Sit Out The Pledge

Posted On : 11/30/2017

UNIONDALE, NEW YORK — Absolutely despicable. What gives people the idea they can force their fake patriotism on your kids? Or worse, punish your kids’ educational futures?

According to Newsday, 58-year-old Uniondale High School health teacher Steven Solomon reportedly admitted to failing two students after they didn’t stand for the United States’ Pledge of Allegiance during his class time.

The source reports the teacher was suspended from the school — according to Solomon, “indefinitely.”

However, here’s the kicker.

He was “indefinitely suspended” with pay. Newsday reports the suspension happened on November 8.


According to the source, Solomon made comments via a Facebook post which he has since deleted. In the post, he basically ranted about the two students and their “disrespect.”

Luckily, before he could delete the post, Facebook users were able to capture screenshots and report Solomon to school district authorities.

However, the teacher claims he didn’t fail them for not standing for the pledge. Rather, he failed them for their actual grades. He says it was at his discretion to pass or fail them.

In an interview with Newsday, the teacher says kids today tend to “fail themselves.”

“They had a 63 or 62… less than passing. They did not stand for the pledge. That was part of the component, and it’s the teacher’s discretion at that point whether they want to pass them or not.”

According to Solomon, he wasn’t “making” them stand. Rather, he was “encouraging” them to stand.

I said your standing is just a respect for the country, the flag and for the military people that risked their lives to fight to protect your freedom,” the teacher mentions in the interview.

“If a kid doesn’t stand for the pledge, who said he doesn’t care if these military people live or die, who doesn’t respect his peers and is a discipline problem in the classroom — why should I reward this kid?”


In Solomon’s Facebook post, he referred to the students as “suckers.” Given the gravity of the situation, social media users responded as concerned parents and community members.

Shortly after, Solomon was relieved of his classroom duties — as well as his duties as the school’s union representative, as notes Newsday — all while administrators attempted to figure out their options.

The source says Superintendent William Lloyd made the following statement.

“The school district is aware of a teacher posting on social media about a situation involving grades and standing for the Pledge of Allegiance that occurred more than a decade ago. The District has taken the proactive measure of assigning this faculty member to out-of-classroom duties until further investigation into the matter can be completed.”

Note: It’s obvious at this point. Public school is not where our kids need to be. If it’s possible to home-school your child, that’s probably best for your his/her mentality and personal values. These “patriotic” teachers are crossing several lines. How dare they impose their beliefs on kids’ academic futures by failing them. This is the type of “professionalism” our children are dealing with today within these school systems. It’s definitely time for change. And if the system isn’t going to change, parents have to make the change for their kids.

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