After His Scary Collapse Lamar Odom’s Bangin’ Girlfriend Posts Pic w/Him..Rep Gives Update

Posted On : 11/06/2017

Well lookie here! It must be true what Lamar Odom’s rep’ revealed about Odom’s condition following his terrifying nightclub collapse…here’s why…

(Video) Lamar’s Collapse…

In case you missed our previous report Sunday (11-5-17) night, ex-NBA baller, Lamar Odom, had a very scary incident inside of a Los Angeles nightclub that reminded us of the time he damn near died in 2015. Video surfaced of the ex-drug addicted star, collapsed and slumped over on the nightclub’s floor, as his team tried to pull him up and get him to come through. He appeared semi-conscious and very few details were given at that time.

Rep’ Gives Update On Odom’s Condition

Of course, since dude is a recovering drug addict, who has had a successful stint in rehab after being in a coma following his 2015 drug overdose at a Nevada brothel, many people assumed he’d had a relapse. However, his representative spoke to TMZ after the fiasco was caught on camera, and said that Odom was simply “dehydrated.”

Via TMZ: Lamar’s rep says he collapsed due to dehydration after an intense workout earlier in the day without the necessary fluids in his system. They also said it was very hot in the club, while adding … he’s “doing great.”

Now, y’all already know that excuse drew a collective ‘Yeah right!’ from many fans, understandably so…

Lamar’s Reported Girlfriend Shares Photo Day After His Collapse

Throwback photo of Lamar and rumored girlfriend, Maddy Morebuckss

Fast forward to less than 24 hours later though and Lamar’s rumored thick-a-licious Haitian girlfriend/Instagram model, Maddy Morebuckss, has posted a new photo of her and Lamar looking comfy cozy for the camera. Check it out below:

Happy Birthday Lamar!!

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Today (Nov. 6, 2017) is Lamar’s 38th birthday, so apparently they’re celebrating it…just hope he doesn’t go all out tonight and have a ‘Lamar Odom collapse part 2 video’ surfacing…just sayin.’ By the way, this is random, but because I love me some Maddy Morebuckss, just wanted to share another photo of Black beauty at it’s finest…


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But I digressed…pardon me people….moving on…

Overall, folks are wishing Lamar Odom well, while also keeping one eye open for his relapse. Not because they simply wanna see the man fail. It’s because in recent months, Lamar’s been ‘toasting it up’ like Ne-Yo and “livin’ the Champagne Life” in various strip clubs and bars lately. Nothing’s wrong with that, but for someone who has a checkered history with substance abuse and rehab, Lamar knows damn well he probably shouldn’t be in that environment. He’s been spotted out and about drinking as well.

Bottom line: Lamar Odom is a grown man and has grown man responsibilities to consider- such as being here for his two children and hopefully seeing their future children grow up. If he chooses to place himself in situations that further trigger past addictions, sadly, that is his choice. But we sincerely hope that Lamar Odom has enough self-discipline and strength to overpower his past afflictions and empower his future life as a sober man, a responsible father, and a humbled NBA legend.

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