Bet You’ve Never Heard A ‘Diet’ Explained Like THIS!

Posted On : 02/22/2017

You honestly have to be careful what you ingest nowadays. And poet and performer Saul Williams gives his mind-blowing take on what it means to “diet.” Wow!

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If you don’t know about Saul Williams, he’s not afraid to speak the truth. And, often, his truth is amazingly insightful.

According to Williams, you have to regulate what enters your body through all channels — not just your mouth.

Bet You've never heard a diet explained like this - Saul Williams II

It’s insane how we limit the word “diet” to the act of eating.

While we’re focusing on getting our meals right, there are so many other areas which go unchecked.

And, if you really want to get your overall well-being straight, you might want to hear what Saul has to say on the matter.

Minding Your Diet

During an interview with The Breakfast Club, Saul Williams greatly elaborates on what it means to truly look after what enters your body. He states as follows.

“Your diet isn’t only what you eat. It’s what you watch…it’s what you read…it’s what you listen to. So, I’m mindful of what I ingest.”

He notes that, from his computer, he’s able to pick and choose what he can allow into his body.

Saul says he doesn’t have a TV or anything. Rather, while he’s monitoring his food intake, he’s undergoes complete surveillance over any and everything that has the possibility of influencing his thoughts.

If you’re interested, you can watch the video section below.

Even If You Just Apply It to Food

While Saul’s words of wisdom apply to a person’s entire life and livelihood, if you wanted to specifically engineer it toward your food intake and discipline, you could.

How often are we bombarded with food ads via TV? Likewise, television shows attempt to guide consumers’ actions, especially through the convenience of fast-food, alone.

If all you watch are presentations about fast-food, you’re going to end up succumbing to those cravings and desires.

You want to lose weight and change your eating? You might also have to change the media presented in front of your face, daily.

Overall, what are your thoughts regarding Saul’s take on “dieting.” Feel free to share in the comments below.

Also, if you’re unfamiliar with Williams’ work, you can check out a few of the videos below.

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