Sanaa Lathan Chops It All Off — And Still Looks Completely Amazing!

Posted On : 09/05/2017

“What is you doing baby??” Sanaa Lathan just said “bye-bye” to her hair. And here’s why.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA — Sanaa Lathan posted a video to social media just hours ago. She mentioned that she was simply doing a “reveal.”


Is Sanaa pulling an “Amber Rose,” as mentions Essence? Negative.

She actually made this decision based on Netflix money, and they must be paying a grip in order for her to make this choice.

Just the video for yourself below.

According to the source, she has a leading role in the Netflix original film, Nappily Ever After. She’s playing the role of Violet Jones, as reports Internet Movie Database (IMDb). A brief summary of the movie plot reads as follows.

“Venus Johnson, tired of waiting for her longtime boyfriend to propose, breaks up with him. But old feelings, and heaps of jealousy, no doubt, arise when he promptly begins dating another woman.”

Whatever the case, Sanaa is still holding it down as a supreme beauty and queen!

How do you feel about Ms. Lathan’s new style? Do you think it fits well?

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[Featured Photo via Twitter]

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