Sad…Sisters Caught On Camera Trying To Sell Kids For Sex Trafficking [Video]

Posted On : 05/19/2017

Disturbing sex trade footage is now circulating online. According to Bossip, two sisters were reportedly caught trying to sell their children into the sex trade. The video captures their conversation with a man they’d set a meeting with at a hotel. The women were discussing their children’s attributes with the man in order for them to be sold but the women have no clue they are meeting with an investigator and they’re secretly being recorded.

The Negotiation:

The video begins with investigators speaking and noting that the children could be heard playing outside. Then, the scene flips to the investigator meeting with the women asking what he could do with each child. Unfortunately, the mothers continued to talk and offered their daughters named “Alice,” “Jane,” and “Anne” for sex. Another child was mentioned by the name of “Katie” but the women suggested she couldn’t participate in sexual activities, presumably because of her age. Their creepy discussion continues with more disturbing suggestions such as price tags for their innocent children. Then, they agreed to leave their children at the hotel in the arms of presumed sex traffickers.

Here’s the video:

After sealing the deal and accepting compensation for their children, the women were met with a big surprise – Homeland Security.

Their Arrests:

It was revealed that it took investigators almost two years to build a substantial case against the women. The two sisters have a combined 13 children now in protective custody and they’ll be facing charges in connection with sex trafficking for the children they attempted to sell into the sex trade.

Alarming Statistics:

In a normal world, most parents would find such actions extremely disturbing, but unfortunately, 100,000 new escort advertisements are uploaded to the Internet on a daily basis. According to, the Internet has played a major part in the evolution of child sex trafficking. “The internet has made it easier for children to be bought and sold online — using some of the same technology and websites that people use to sell their bike, find a roommate or look for a local garage sale. We cannot arrest our way out of this problem. Law enforcement simply doesn’t have enough resources to navigate the massive online commercial sex market to find children and identify their traffickers. Technology can be a tool to address this aspect of the crime.”

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