Sad…Mother & Stepfather Arrested For Severe Abuse Of 13YR Old Daughter

Posted On : 12/06/2017

A mother and stepfather are facing serious consequences for their involvement in a child abuse case that’s being considered one of the worst Gwinnett County authorities have ever seen. According to WSB-TV, Rimmon Lewis and his wife, Angela Strothers, are accused beating, starving and causing mental anguish to Strothers’ 13-year-old daughter.

Cruel And Unusual Punishment:

It has been reported that prosecutors are naming Lewis as the main person responsible for the abuse. There were times he would allegedly make his stepdaughter stand on tin cans and write what he described as the “standards.” Prosecutor Tracie Cason further explained the punishment during an interview with the publication. The child had also been starved on a regular basis and when she was allowed to eat she was served cat food and forced to drink detergent. “Which would be a sentence that he would require her to write, like, ‘I will respect my father,’ 1,000 times. This happened almost on a daily basis,” Cason said. “There were times she was only allowed to eat cat food, and there were times she wasn’t allowed to eat at all until the defendant decided she could eat,” Cason added.

The poor child had also been locked inside the family’s laundry room for such prolonged periods of time that she would often urinate and defecate on herself. When it came to bathing, the child was forced to bathe in either extremely hot or extremely cold water without soap. She was only allowed to use peroxide or lemon juice. Counselors at the child’s school raised concerns earlier this year and contacted Gwinnett County authorities. Although the investigation was a daunting procedure that took time to complete, authorities were able to uncover the truth. However, Cason admits that it’s quite amazing the child survived. Fortunately, her situation didn’t end in a fatality like many other disheartening abuse cases. “It’s amazing to me how this child survived as long as she did,” Cason told Channel 2.

A History Of Abuse:

Further investigation revealed this actually isn’t Lewis’ first run-in with the law over abuse allegations. After further investigation, reports revealed the abuse had gone on for years. Back in 2014, he entered a negotiated guilty plea after being hit with abuse charges in reference to the same child. But unfortunately for the child, Lewis was only given credit for time served and placed on probation. Investigators believe the couple moved to Gwinett County from Cobb County to avoid facing problems with DFCS. “It’s our understanding they moved from Cobb County to Gwinnett County to avoid DFCS’ attention,” Cason told Thomas.

Now, the latest charges are a violation of probation he was given for the previous offenses. Lewis has been sentenced to five years behind bars. The child’s mother remains out on bond but there is a strong possibility she, too, will serve time in prison. Although Strothers wasn’t solely responsible for the abuse, she was aware of the beatings, starvings, and other ill-treatment.

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