911 Call About Man “Slamming The Children To The Floor” Ends Tragically For 1 Year Old Baby

Posted On : 06/18/2017

A Milwaukee man is now facing murder charges as a result of a babysitting session gone terribly wrong. Tamio Shipman-Allen was left to watch his girlfriend’s two children – a 3-year-old boy and a 14-month of girl, Tamiya Dotson  – while his girlfriend went to work. Although the mother initially thought Shipman-Allen would be a good fit for her children, she soon learned he was probably their worst nightmare. Now, he’s facing murder charges for the brutal death of his girlfriend’s daughter.

A Horrifying Day:

While at work on June 4, the mother reportedly received several calls from Shipman-Allen but ultimately ignored his attempts to contact her. But when she did answer his call, he told her that her daughter was having a seizure. She rushed home but was met at the door by Shipman-Allen who told her she did not want to go inside. Although he’d contacted the mother, he’d still failed to seek medical attention for the children. When first responders arrived, Tamiya was pronounced dead at the scene and the 3-year-old boy had been severely beaten.

According to court documents, medical examiners determined that the little girl suffered “three broken ribs, lacerations to her liver and pancreas, and internal bleeding.” She died of blunt force trauma and the boy had a list of injuries that included “a liver laceration and adrenal hemorrhaging, as well bruises, abrasions, and marks that indicate the boy had been whipped.”

The Chilling Confession:

During an interview with investigators, Shipman-Allen admitted he’d thrown Tamiya down on the ground and stomped her. He also confessed to beating the boy. Needless to say, the victims’ family is devastated. In fact, the children’s grandmother Janice Jones-Banks shared her reaction to the abuse they suffered. “I don’t know how I’m supposed to feel. I’m angry. For number one, because he didn’t have to do what he done to my great grand baby. “I don’t care if they kill him to be honest.”

Slamming The Children To The Floor

After interviewing the mother, detectives interviewed a neighbor. The neighbor claims to have “heard sounds of abuse from inside the residence” since the family moved in over a month ago. The neighbor indicated that the sounds “typically occur when the woman is gone and a man is watching the children.”

According to the complaint, the neighbor further stated “It sounds as if the man in the unit is slamming the children to the floor.” A week prior, the neighbor claims to have heard the mother arrive home and say “what happened to my (expletive) baby?” The male voice allegedly responded, “he fell.”

Police investigate death of one-year-old near 38th and Villard

The Charges:

According to FOX6, Tamio Shipman-Allen is facing a string of charges for the death of the little girl and the severe abuse the little boy suffered while in his care. The charges include first-degree reckless homicide, physical abuse of a child recklessly causing bodily harm, child neglect (bodily harm), and physical abuse of a child (intentional causation of bodily harm). If convicted, he could face up to 81 years behind bars.

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