Sad…Instagram Model Captured Abusing Her Son During A Livestream Video

Posted On : 05/11/2018

A video of a woman named Cayo has gone viral as it appears that the Instagram model is verbally abusing her son. While Cayo was streaming live, she was captured using some pretty abusive language towards her son.

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Instagram Model Captured Verbally Abusing Her Son:

A woman named Coya, whose Instagram name is fineassmf, doesn’t share too much info about her life on social media. On majority of her photos, her comments are disabled and the captions are brief. In some of her pictures, Coya is seen wearing scrubs as it appears she works in the medical field. Obviously, her health is important as she posted photos of herself exercising while wearing a waist trainer. With 71,000 followers, Coya often posts very beautiful photos of herself showing off her figure. In addition to showing off her body, Coya often shows off photos of her son as she appears to be a devoted young mother. Above everything, it is clear to see that her son is important.

While Coya’s son’s name is unknown, the mother and son appear to be very close as she called him her “best friend” and “the best thing that has ever happened to her”. Calling her son her everything, Coya seems extremely happy to be a mom.

I think I need him more than he needs me, I’ll put my whole life on the line to save his. My love, my baby, my everything, Coya captioned one of her photos.

However, as much as we love our children, kids have the ability to push their parents’ buttons. This appeared to be the case as Coya’s son seemed to be pushing his mom’s buttons. On Wednesday night, Coya was allegedly posting a selfie video in her home late Wednesday night. During the filming, the video shows her son coming down from his bedroom to ask his mother for a drink. Now, if you have small children, this is typical as they seem to never want to go to bed. Coya reminded him that he was not getting anything to drink as she continued to film herself. Well, it appears that the child was not taking no for an answer as he came down to ask his mother for a drink again. That’s when Coya snapped!

Frustrated with her son, Coya allegedly uses curse words as it appears that she called her son a  “b*tch”. Coya can be heard saying, “Don’t play with me b*tch.” and “Go upstairs, I said no b*tch.”

 The below video shows exactly what she said to the child.

The video has gone viral and below are some of the reactions online:

How you categorize her as still being beautiful????
What an ugly soul she has
Her kid didn’t ask to be here
It’s not the babies fault
Just because you carried a baby nine months doesn’t automatically make you a good mother. That kid need to be with his father. People act like women can’t be unfit mothers
I fuss /cuss all day long but I would never call my child out of her name.. what kind of mother is this?
A little boys first love is his mother. She is failing him and forever more he will have problems with women i promise you that if she doesn’t get it together and fix this it will reflect on his life always..
Pay less attention to the gram, FB, and more attention to your child, calling your male child or any child no matter the gender, a Bit#!, is totally wrong, and I don’t care how pretty she is perceived to be, she can be pretty as Halle berry and be totally ugly, your disposition is key in life.,and mentally abusing your child can be worse then the physical.

What are your thoughts? Did she go too far?

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