So Sad…Another Video Of Maia Campbell Reportedly Surfaces, This One Is Much Worse

Posted On : 07/16/2017

Over the past two weeks, Maia Campbell has sparked a media firestorm. First, there was the disheartening viral video that captured her relapse, but now there’s another disturbing video. According to Kissy Denise, this video actually captures the former In The House star in a very compromising position – literally. Unfortunately, the new reports center around an alleged sex tape and Maia is the star of it.

The Horrible Tape:

On Thursday, July 13, the footage began circulating on social media. Initially, the questionable video was reported by Media Take Out, but despite the skepticism, many fans are convinced Maia is the woman in the video. If the camera angle is any indicator, the woman in the video is definitely Maia. At the time the video was filmed, the woman was not missing a tooth, which leads many fans to believe the woman may only be a look-alike. However, she does bare a striking resemblance to the troubled actress.

Here is a link to the video, which was uploaded to a site similar to the official World Star Hip Hop site.

So Much Drama:

The latest video follows the viral video of Maia begging for cocaine outside of a Stone Mountain, GA gas station. The Trippin‘ actress, who now has a missing tooth, was filmed by a rapper named T-Hood as she pumped his gas. In the past, social media users laughed about Maia’s outbursts, but this time around, people were mostly concerned since she’d made so much progress. The disheartening relapse also caught the attention of LL Cool J. Maia’s former In The House co-star took to social media to ask fans to help him contact her. But unfortunately, Maia didn’t welcome his help. In a nutshell, she basically gave LL the “don’t call me, I’ll call you” response insisting she’s okay.

#LLCoolJ is seeking contact info for his former costar #MaiaCampbell after a recent viral video revealed that she has relapsed and is back on drugs 🙏🏽

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The video sparked outrage for a number of reasons. In addition to Maia’s disheartening relapse, many social media users blasted T-Hood for attempting to snag his 15 minutes of fame by exploiting Maia. Initially, T-Hood made no apologies for the video despite all of the backlash. But according to BET, he’s had a change of heart. Following his video rant in defense of the video, he released another statement apologizing for the video.

“I never meant to hurt her or her fans,” he wrote.

I apologize. This is a person from my neighborhood that I've been cool with for years now. Roasting each other and playing around is nothing new, we always play around and talk shit to each other, ALWAYS! Even when she is not under the influence of anything, just regular Maia, it's something we've just done for a while. I understand how it was perceived but I just want to let it be known publicly, I never meant to hurt her or her fans. I show love in anyway I can: financially, emotionally and with my time to EVERYONE in my community, the entire city can vouch for that. When I saw all the negative energy, the first thing I did was go and talk with her about it. Where did I find her?? Around the SAME AREA she always is. We also talked about the topic of LL COOL J looking for her, I won't disclose the convo but I will say this, with ALL these media outlets and concerned people.. NOBODY took action in REAL LIFE and made a move, so I did! With word getting back to me that @llcoolj was now looking for her, I reached out to him myself, of course.. no response! But I know LL is a busy man, so I figured I'm just going to take matters into my own hands: Maia and I spent some time together, kicked it, talked about the situation and we both learned a lot, but I wont go in to too much detail. As the day was coming to an end, we discussed options for rehabilitation, even went to a center, she didnt want to check in just yet and as a grown woman, nobody can make her. We then made an agreement regarding her, myself, her health and our careers, time to push and make a real change! Everyone that wants to help, PLEASE CONTACT ME! @LLCOOLJ INCLUDED…. Again, I am sorry for anyone I hurt with the video; I know many think what I did was wrong, and I feel that way too but not because she was a star actress (which is why most of you are even interested) but because she really is a friend from around the way. In a way all this attention was a good thing, because we live in a "out of sight, out of mind" world, everyone would've continued to not care, if the video didn't go "viral." The video the man posted of her in the barbershop was completely staged and he paid her to say those thing

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“I know many think what I did was wrong, and I feel that way too, but not because she was a star actress — which is why most of you are even interested — but because she really is a friend from around the way,” he said. “In a way, all this attention was a good thing, because we live in a ‘out of sight, out of mind’ world, everyone would’ve continued to not care, if the video didn’t go ‘viral.'”

Due to the video, family and friends of Maia have intervened in hopes of getting her the help she needs.

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