Another Black Man Captured His Own Death By Police On Facebook Live (Video)

Posted On : 03/19/2017

The outrage begins as a black Father is shot and killed by police in Tennessee.

He Was Visiting His Mother:

Rodney Hess was visiting his mother in Memphis, livestreamed his own death as police shot-and-killed him in his own car.

The incident began around 2:15 p.m. on Thursday when 36-year-old Rodney James Hess parked his vehicle off the ramp of 412 East to 88 East perpendicular to traffic. Crockett County deputies arrived because drivers couldn’t move around his vehicle.

Back up officers came because Hess was refusing officers’ commands and made multiple erratic statements.

Tenessee Bureau of Investigations, (TBI) asserted that Hess tried to use his vehicle to strike the officers twice.  During the exchange, at least one officer fired at the SUV striking Hess.

That’s when he’s shot three times through his windshield and drives off, crashing into something. Hess died at Regional One Hospital after being airlifted.

No law enforcement officers were injured during this exchange.

A TBI spokesperson said the district attorney general will determine whether the actions of the deputies are justified.

Hess’ Family Responds:

Hess’ fiance’ was watching on Facebook helplessly as the livestream shows his phone hit the ground and gets covered with glass. Police then presumably rush to the car. Hess was airlifted to a nearby hospital but died shortly after arrival.

Hess’ fiance’, Johnisha Provost, told Commercial Appeal that her soon-to-be husband was not looking to commit suicide and had mental problems.

“He was not on a suicide mission,” she said. “He was not trying to harm anybody. He was asking them for help and they shot him down.” Provost also says that she was the one who told him to seek higher authority when pulled over by police.

“I always told him, ‘Babe, if you are ever in a situation where you need help, ask the person in charge for the higher command to help you,’ and that’s what he kept saying.”

According to other members of his family, Hess was off his medication. They describe the young man as a hard-worker and a family man.

Disturbing Video Below:

Social media was not happy about what went down. Check out the Facebook livestream of Hess’ death and reaction to it below.

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