Bizarre Road Rage: Man Repeatedly Smashes Vehicle Into Busy Intersection — And He’s Not Done There

Posted On : 06/07/2018

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA — It’s uncertain what’s worse: the man senselessly attacking this vehicle again and again, or the police standing by letting him do it.

According to CBS Sacramento, a road rage incident shut down a busy road as a man rammed a Honda CR-V multiple times.

Bizarre Road Rage - Man Repeatedly Smashes Vehicle Into Busy Intersection — And He's Not Done There
José Garcia Alvarez.

Nikki Guinn was one of the bystanders who recorded the incident via phone. She said the situation felt “unreal.”

“It’s like something out of a movie,” Guinn tells the source. The source reports that she actually lives across the street from where the road raging criminal acted out against the other vehicle.

“He backs up but doesn’t attempt to hit anyone else,” Guinn continues. “He’s really just focused on the blue CR-V.”

“There definitely seemed to be a disconnect because he wasn’t communicating to anybody.”

On video, the driver can clearly be seen repeatedly charging his SUV into the another vehicle — slowly, eventually pushing it into the roadway and intersection.

After having rammed the CR-V multiple times, the man took it a step further. He got out of his white Chevy Trailblazer and began a physical, hand-t0-foot assault on the vehicle.

The source says he jumped on the car and tore off parts during the incident.

Police later identified the man as 40-year-old José Garcia Alvarez.

Sacramento Police Sergeant Vance Chandler participated in an interview and mentioned that the road rage situation actually began prior to that particular location.

According to Chandler, “someone was behind a driver and upset for some reason after a disturbance on the freeway,” as was noted in the initial call. That driver was in a Ford Fiesta.

Menacingly following the vehicle, the suspect ended up on 10th and X streets, according to NBC Bay Area. That’s where police say he rammed the Fiesta he was allegedly following on Business 80.

However, when the Fiesta got away, the suspect became fixated on the random Honda CR-V — which was parked along the street.


The police sergeant mentioned that Alvarez was “in a crisis, obviously.” So here’s what his follow officers did.

Instead of engaging the man, forcefully — as they’ve done to so many Black men, women, and children — officers stood back and waited for the “clearly agitated suspect” to calm down, the source reports.

All the while, Alvarez continued destroying the vehicle by leaping onto the roof, attempting to break in the windows, pulling mirrors off, etc.

“They were unable to get him to cooperate or speak to them,” Chandler elaborated.

NOTE: But when has that ever stopped police from excessively taking a Black man down, even when there isn’t need for it at all?

Eventually, Alvarez mistakenly fell from atop the CR-V. That’s when police officers made moves to detain him.

He’s been booked into Sacramento County Jail on charges of felony vandalism and felony assault.

All in all, what are your thoughts about this video and story? Have you ever seen anything like this occur locally?

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