Road Rage: ‘Daring’ Bus Driver Nearly Dies Trying To Play Hero

Posted On : 09/02/2018

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA — Although this bus driver wanted to ensure a raging woman didn’t get away, his prevention method unarguably lacked brain power and finesse.

As the clichéd phrase states, “Everybody wants to be the hero.” Apparently, this rang true for a local bus driver caught in a road rage situation with 20-year-old Mariana Silver, as reports WUSA-9.

Here’s the problem with having a hero complex: sometimes, actually most often than not, the person attempting these heroic acts puts him/herself in thoughtless danger. Just like this guy.

According to the source, “around 6 p.m., police said…Silver, of Northeast DC, was driving an Audi A8 and illegally passed a Greyhound bus moving in the same direction in the 1800 block of Bladensburg Road.”

Well, Silver didn’t quite make it “passed” the driver unscathed. The source doesn’t exactly mention the specifics of the incident; however, in the video captured by 24-year-old Juan Blanco, you see Silver’s Audi in less-than-admirable conditions.

What would’ve been the smart, logical, safe thing to do in this situation? Take a photo of the woman’s license plate, right?


That would’ve been too easy. After arguing at-length with the woman — while on the phone with authorities who were in route — Silver reportedly pulled a car jack from her trunk and began smashing the bus’s windows.

Rightfully so, everyone on the bus was on alert. Blanco mentioned as follows.

“She just started pounding like she wanted to get inside the bus. And everybody was really scared. Most of the people on the bus were elderly.”

This woman had a clear case of road rage, and anything was liable to happen. That’s what a logical person would’ve thought, yes?

Again…not this bus driver.

Instead, he — who the source didn’t name — chose to stand in front of the crazed woman’s car. She told him to move; he declined. Then, she revved her engine indicating she wasn’t playing.

Yet, there he stood in defiance — figuratively spitting game to a pending emergency room. Silver accelerated forward, hitting the brakes as she realized he wasn’t moving — but not before the bus driver maneuvered into an all-star fetal position on her Audi’s hood.

He climbed down after Blanco and others ran to his “rescue,” pleading with him to basically have common sense and allow the woman to leave because it was all recorded on video anyway.

However, he seemed more persistent than a case of herpes, as he told his bus passengers the woman wasn’t going to get away with her crimes. Mind you, police sirens are wailing in the distance.

So, Silver — obviously fed up with the bus driver’s selfless-yet-foolish heroism — hops back in her car and attempts to drive away. She inches forward, only for the bus driver to perform a flying elbow drop on her car’s hood.

This pisses her off more — a woman who already had a severe case of road rage. Without regard for the man’s further well-being, Silver accelerates without stopping. The driver is slingshotted from the hood…her tires missing his head by a mere foot.

When the bus driver’s passengers — befuddled as they were — asked why he put his life on the line like that, the man responded:

“She was gonna get away with it.”


If you’re interested in the video, check Blanco’s footage below.

WARNING: The following clip contains graphic content. Viewer discretion is advised.

He must be playing with too much “augmented reality” on his phone; dude failed to realize he could’ve died, and Silver would’ve given zero f**ks as she continued driving away.

According to the source, Greyhound offered a statement to the press.

“The driver was able to complete the route by transporting customers to their scheduled stop at Union Station. Our standard protocol includes an interview with drivers following any incident, and we will continue cooperating with law enforcement on this matter as it is still under investigation. For additional information, please contact local authorities.”

Reportedly, she was apprehended on Friday, August 31, and she was charged with “assault with a dangerous weapon.”

All in all, we’d love to know your thoughts about this situation. Although the bus driver’s intentions were in a good place, his execution was sent straight from hell. If you have any comments, feel free to share them via our Facebook page.

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[Featured Photo via screengrab]

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