Remy Ma Now Puts Her Lyrics To Use Regarding Women’s Rights

Posted On : 03/03/2017

Remy Ma is definitely riding the wave. While she’s what’s hot, this lyricist is now taking on Washington D.C.

Remy has gotten everyone drunk off her disses at Nicki Minaj. However, that’s not all she’s about. It seems Remy is quite the advocate for women’s rights.

During a piece for Marie Claire, Remy lyrically tackled the everyday struggles women have to endure in the United States.

You can watch her video performance below.

As you hear from the video, Remy calls these the cries of mad men.

This is not to say that men don’t have issues.

Everyone has something he or she is battling.

However, given how the cards have always been stacked in men’s favors, the concept of “men’s rights activists” might seem a little unnecessary and overbearing to some people.

I say again, the rights of men are important.

Yet, just as with “Black lives matter,” men aren’t the one’s under oppression at the moment.

Trying to turn the focus on “men’s rights” is the same as yelling “all lives matter.”

Who Are Men to Say?…

The very regulation of women’s body parts is under legislation right now.

If a woman is raped and impregnated, with the way the Trump administration is acting a fool, that woman will be forced to birth the unwanted, forced-upon child.

Of course, she doesn’t have to keep the child after it’s born; she can put the infant up for adoption.

But, that’s beside the point!

It’s a bunch of old men sitting around deciding what’s acceptable for women. You want this turtle-faced relic deciding what a woman can do with her body?

You want Mitch McConnell deciding women's rights

Moreover, it’s surely interesting that issues which arise during a woman’s menstrual cycle aren’t covered by insurance. However, Viagra is covered.


While women often work harder than some men, they end up making a fraction of men’s salary, even within the same position.

Then, on top of that, Blacks and Latinas still end up scraping the bottom of the barrel after it’s all said and done.

According to a 2014 report from the Department of Labor — for the same positions — Caucasian and Asian women made nearly double the median annual salaries of Black and Latinas.

So, even amid the fight for equality and equity, there’s yet controversy. Think of it as the “lightskin Vs. darkskin” version of women’s rights.

Overall, what are your thoughts regarding Remy’s political stance? Feel free to share your comments via our Facebook page.

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