Remember #BringBackOurGirls? They’ve Miraculously Returned!

Posted On : 10/18/2016

In 2014, if you recall, approximately 270 Nigerian girls were kidnapped by terrorist group Boko Haram. Well, it seems some have now made it home!

— Abuja, Nigeria

This kind of perseverance is astounding. Over two years have passed since these young women were taken from their homes by Boko Haram and forced to do God-knows-what.

While BBC reports nearly 270 young women taken during that heinous raid, only a handful have returned — 21 to be exact.

Joyous Reunion

According to NBC News, 21 “Chibok girls” returned to their homes in Nigeria after being released from Boko Haram’s captivity. When the girls’ parents heard about their releases, the parents couldn’t arrive to Abuja fast enough.

As you can see from the video below, it’s a time of festive rejoicing, dancing, crying, and catching up on the last two years.

Although these parents are excited beyond belief at this situational miracle, the rest of the girls are still at Boko Haram’s quarters.

There are at least 100 sets of parents still concerned for the safety of their girls.


According to the news source, Boko Haram agreed to release the 21 girls after achieving some type of negotiation with the Nigerian government.

Likewise, within that negotiation, four Boko Haram prisoners have also been turned over to the terrorist group.

There’s no word on the specifics of the two parties’ agreement. However, whatever it was, it got 21 of the young women released.

“I want to thank everyone for this wonderful thing they have done,” mentions Rebecca Mallam, one of the former captive women. “I never imagined that I would ever see my parents again, but God has helped me see them, so I want to say ‘thank you’ and ‘may God comfort all of us’.”

The source also notes that Nigerian government spokesman Mallam Garba Shehu notes the president’s response, given the release of the captured women.

“The president welcomes the release of the girls but cautioned Nigerians to be mindful of the fact that more than 30,000 fellow citizens were killed via terrorism,” says Shehu.

Forced Ultimatums

Of course, these killings happened over a span of years under minimal news coverage from the Western Hemisphere, regarding Boko Haram. Given new developments, the aforementioned negotiations are still underway as the country attempts to get more of the women released.

In another BBC article, the source reports that the women were made to marry members of Boko Haram’s regime. And, if the women’s husbands died, left, or didn’t want them any longer, they were made to re-marry.

However, if they chose not to re-marry or protested, they were made into suicide bombers.

If you’re interested in that story, you can read more about it at this link.

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