Really Tho? Girl Shows Up To Prom In Casket & Hearse, Video Goes Viral

Posted On : 04/15/2018

Spring is officially here so, of course, it’s that time of year again – prom season. If the posts haven’t started yet, soon, your social media timelines will be flooded with people showing off their children or family members’ memorable prom attire as they head off to one of the biggest nights in their teenage lives. But thanks to the evolution of social media, we have the ability to see all kinds of great and… not-so-great prom pictures. In fact, some people go a step further by sharing videos just so people can get the full effect of their proud prom moments. Now, one girl is going viral for her prom theme but not because everyone loves her idea. Many people are lookin’ at her video and thinkin’ “what the hell is goin’ on?” Instead of the traditional look, she opted for somethin’ a bit more gothic… more like “casket sharp.”

Casket Sharp:

According to Bossip, there’s a video circulating on social media that shows a girl’s jaw-dropping introduction to prom. If her plan was to capture everyone’s attention, she definitely succeeded. The now-viral video shows a teenage girl beautifully dressed for prom. Her hair and makeup are impeccable and her dress is gorgeous. However, her striking looks aren’t what people are talking about. Obviously, the teen thought she was casket sharp so she felt the need to make a clear statement. The video begins with pallbearers opening the casket as tons of people stand around with their cell phone cameras ready to film. It appears the teen was in front of her home preparing to be put in the hearse to head to her high school prom. The jaw-dropping prom theme attracted tons of people and once the video was shared on social media, it quickly began circulating.


Viewers’ Reactions:

The now viral video has sparked quite a debate online because many people have mixed opinions about it. Not only are people criticizing the teen, but also her parents for allowing her to go to such lengths. Many viewers agree prom is supposed to be a memorable moment but many people have raised questions about whether or not it takes this much to make the night memorable.  Of course, some people though the teen’s “casket sharp” arrival was pretty creative while others found it to be a bit “over the top” and creepy. “Who thought this was a good idea,” one viewer asked. Someone else agreed. “I am completely dumbfounded, disturbed and speechless at the same dam time, help me lawd.”

Another viewer was a bit more blunt about the situation criticizing the teen for making light of a disheartening reality many heartbroken parents are forced to face – burying their child. “What she was giving was casket ready stupidness. People actually have to go through the process of burying their children and buying a coffin, choosing clothes and she’s doing this for fun! Let’s hope they don’t need to re-use all that stuff too soon.”

Many viewers also discussed a different perspective agreeing caskets serve one purpose and no one should willingly want to lay in one until their time comes. “Damn, it’s prom season already? I’m not superstitious I’m not getting into any casket willingly for any reason. They serve one purpose, and being used as a prop is not it,” one viewer said.

However, a few viewers argued that people are taking the situation a bit too seriously. “Reading these comments, people need to LIGHTEN UP! Humor is a good thing. She’s being young, silly and creative, her dress is a respectable length and she looks beautiful. Geez!!!”

What do you think about the teen’s “casket sharp” prom night? Share your thoughts.

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