Rare MLK Interview: This Is The Martin Luther King They DIDN’T Like

Posted On : 04/06/2018

UNITED STATES — Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke on a major topic regarding the Black community in America. However, while we’ve heard “I Have A Dream” thousands of times, this is one talk that has been suppressed.

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Via Facebook, NBC uploaded an archived interview with King, during which he was asked the question:

“What is it about the negro? I mean, every other group that came is an immigrant. Somehow — not easily, but somehow — [they] got around it. Is it just the fact that negroes are Black?”

Of course, the other immigrants the NBC reporter was speaking about were white Europeans. However, modern day, he would probably allude to Hispanics as well.


Nevertheless, immediately, King started his response to the multi-layered inquiry.

“White America must see that no other ethnic group has been a slave on American soil,” King notes. “That is one thing other immigrant groups haven’t had to face.”

King continues by stating that color became a “stigma.”

“America freed the slaves in…1863, through the Emancipation Proclamation of Abraham Lincoln…but gave the slaves no land or nothing in reality…to get started on. At the same time, America was giving away millions of acres of land in the West and the Midwest — which meant there was a willingness to give the white peasants from Europe…an economic base.”

“Yet, it refused to give its Black peasants from Africa — who came here involuntarily, in chains, and worked for free 244 years — any kind of economic base,” King mentions to the reporter. “So, emancipation for the negro was really freedom to hunger. It was freedom to winds and rains of heaven.”

Dr. King continues by stating that, without an economic base of any kind, slaves were give the freedom to essentially starve — especially with no land to cultivate for food. He says it was “freedom and famine at the same time.”


As the interview continues, Dr. King touches on a line many still like to use to this day. He mentioned as follows.

“When white Americans tell the negro to lift himself by his own bootstraps, they don’t look over the legacy of slavery and segregation.”

“Now, I believe we ought to do all we can and seek to lift ourselves by our own bootstraps, but it’s a cruel jest to say to a bootless man that he ought to lift himself by his own bootstraps,” King elaborates further.

According to King, at the time of the interview, he felt that many Blacks — by the millions — had been left “bootless.” And the United States’ history of oppression is to blame. Likewise, King notes that American society “deliberately” made the Black community’s color a stigma.

He even goes so far as to say American society sees Black people’s color as something “worthless” and “degrading.”

This interview took place on May 8, 1967, in Atlanta, Georgia, according to the source.

Given the events of modern day, they’re looking awfully similar to the days of his era. In topic with “worthless,” you don’t really have to look far to see truth in Dr. King’s words. Just review the last 4 years of senseless police shootings and murders.

While white Americans can walk around with guns in plain view — and use them on the public — they still get apprehended without being shot to death. Usually when you hear about them dying in an altercation with officers, they’ve shot themselves. Police just won’t do it for some reason.

Yet, when it comes to Black lives, there’s rarely a warning or anything. Just bullets flying. And not just one or two. The whole f**king clip.

If you’re interested in Dr. King’s interview, you can watch the video below.

All in all, let us know your thoughts about this rare talk from Martin Luther King, Jr. Why do you think we haven’t seen it as much as others? If you have any comments, feel free to share them via our Facebook page.

[Featured Photo via African History / Twitter]

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