Woman Terrorized By Racists At Apartment, But They Wouldn’t Let Her Break Lease

Posted On : 06/15/2017

This woman has complained to her apartment’s leasing office multiple times about racist harassment. They gave her an option, but it might piss you off.

THORNTON, COLORADO — Apparently, something’s wrong here and needs the public’s attention!

Timber Lodge Apartments, managed by BLDG Management, is where Allison Butler has been terrorized by racist acts ever since she moved in at the end of April.

What happened?…

According to ABC 7 – Denver, the woman would repeatedly receive loud knocks at her door, and when she’d answer, no one would be there.

Butler mentioned that, after a while, notes started being slipped underneath her apartment door.

One read “N****r b***h,” according to the source. Then, another note said, “N****rs don’t belong.”

Woman Terrorized By Racists At Apartment, But They Wouldn't Let Her Break Lease - Timber Lodge Apartments
Timber Lodge Apartments, on the premises.

Allison Butler has even gone to the police regarding the issue. However, officers said they’re unable to do anything about it because Timber Lodge Apartments doesn’t have security cameras installed.

ABC 7 reports that she’s complained to BLDG Management on different occasions concerning the harassment. Yet, the company told her that security personnel had given the offenders a verbal warning.

Outside of this, the leasing company says they can’t control what goes on in their hallways. For real, they said that.


Surely, if this was a white woman being harassed by some Black guys, there would be all kinds of “control in the hallways,” right?

Nevertheless, according to Allison Butler, the management company gave her an option to buy out of her lease — which is two months’ rent!

Woman Terrorized By Racists At Apartment, But They Wouldn't Let Her Break Lease - Allison Butler and Romeo
Allison Butler was told her only option was to buy out of her lease, regardless of constant, racist harassment.

Other than that, they said there’s nothing more they can do about her situation.

That’s some serious negligence! You’re telling me, BLDG Management, that you’re simply going to turn your head to what’s happening on your own premises?

Why can’t people just do what’s right? Even ABC 7 – Denver attempted to contacted the management company, but they have yet to respond.

Negative attention gets it done…

A GoFundMe page was started for Butler after news broke concerning her living situation. After so many news stations picked up her story — and the leasing company received so much negative feedback and press — they decided to let her out of her lease after all.

Hmph, imagine that.

From a look at recent Google Review and Yelp ratings, the apartment complex has tanked. Google Reviews’ overall is at 1.5 stars.

Although that’s nice karma, what kind of people run BLDG Management? You’ve got to be some kind of low-down person to tell a tenant who’s being racially harassed to buy out of her lease or suffer through it.

By the way…

Timber Lodge Apartments
1769 Coronado Pkwy N
Thornton, CO 80229
(303) 287-5531


BLDG Management Company
3003 E 3rd Ave #201
Denver, CO 80206
(303) 996-2333

Just for informative facts…

Well, according to the GoFundMe page, she’s in another situation now.


The place where she’s now staying doesn’t allow pets, and she has an emotional support dog — Romeo — because she suffers from anxiety and PTSD.

Woman Terrorized By Racists At Apartment, But They Wouldn't Let Her Break Lease - Allison Butler and Romeo II
Another photo of Allison Butler and her pet, Romeo.

Via the source, Butler states as follows.

“I have been separated from my emotional support dog, my baby, Romeo. With my preexisting mental health issues (largely anxiety and PTSD), this is extremely difficult for me. I need my pup now more than ever to help me cope with what I have just experienced and the abrupt and sudden change that is taking place in my life.”

Essentially, she’s trying to get back on her feet and into an apartment which will allow pets. For now, her friends are watching Romeo.

“I have awesome, amazing friends who took him in for me but, noone can love him like his mama. I thank you so much for donating if you can and if you can’t, please do share. Thank you again!”

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