[Video] Racist Lady Catches ALL THE HANDS After Calling Two Women ‘Black B***hes’

Posted On : 04/03/2018

UNITED STATES — Eventually, racists will learn that they can’t just say what they want to whomever they want. However, that day wasn’t today. Then again, for this woman, maybe it was.

WARNING: The following photo contains graphic content. Viewer discretion is advised.

Racist Lady Catches ALL THE HANDS After Calling Two Women 'Black B---hes' II
Photo via screengrab.

Do you see that launch though?? Good lord.


In a video uploaded by Media Takeout, it shows three women engaged in a verbal altercation inside what seems to be an electronics store.

Unfortunately [not really], no names are available during this occurrence.

Racist Woman: “Back the f**k up!”

Black Woman #1: “Aight, shut the f**k up talking to me…period.”

Racist Woman: “Well, go sit down then!”

Black Woman #1: “Who gon’ move me?…Who gon’ move me?”

Racist Woman: “I don’t f**king know. You are, obviously, because I ain’t putting my hands on you.”

Black Woman #2: “Uh uhhhh. Uh uhhhhh [waving her hands between the two women, attempting to break up the situation before it further escalates].”

And, it appeared things were calming and the situation, dissipating. But then…the racist woman started talking to staff as the women began walking out of the store. She was asked why everyone was yelling.

“Giiiirl, man, because Black b***hes don’t know how to [inaudible],” she said under her breath, before realizing “Thunder” and “Glory” were vastly approaching from behind.


In a video comment, Lydia Carrington put it best.

“My sisters handled the situation. That first punch was golden and that last kick in the a** was solid gold.”

NOTE: While we don’t condone violence, this is an example of what happens when people think they can talk reckless without consequence. Some people you encounter simply won’t put up with your nonsense. And the popular consensus says the racist woman had this coming…probably for a long time.

While the two Black women attempted to show the racist some mercy and apply restraint, she pushed the boundary to the point of no return.

And as Lydia mentions, that first punch was a whopper. She was possibly “out cold” while still standing.

WARNING: The following video contains graphic content. Viewer discretion is advised.

As you saw, the initial haymaker was delivered express by the woman who was attempting to de-escalate the encounter.

Likewise, she was sure to follow up with several more and a finishing kick — before exiting the building, stating:

“Huh!? ‘Black b***hes’ what??!…….just knocked your a** the f**k out!”

Hilariously, the other Caucasian customers didn’t want any parts of it and continued standing in line awaiting their service turn.

Apparently, they practice the fine arts of “minding your business” and “picking your battles.”


With a video like this, of course responses — depending on the audience — can be all over the place.

One commentator, JD Sutton, mentioned as follows.

“Its a sad thing when a total stranger has the ability to use words which make u react in a way that lands in in jail or gaining a criminal record which u didnt have before this. I be d**ned if I ever give some one words the power to make my energy be wasted only to land me in jail and her to still be out here thinking the way she does all u did is make her hate ppl of color in silence u ain’t show her that the way she thinks or cast judgement on others. She is wrong absolutely but at the end of it all she happy knowing u are gonna have a record now because she held more power over u then ur own self.”

However, Dee Ann shot right back at Sutton with:

“It is sad thing that Black people keep getting shot and killed for No d**n reason. Miss me with this [speech].”

Likewise, several others commented on his post in a similar fashion.

Again…pick your battles/mind your business. Lol.

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[Featured Photo via screengrab]

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