Watch How Racist Kids Treat Only Black Child On Playground — Their Parents Stand Around And Let It Happen

Posted On : 04/07/2018

SPAIN — People forget that other parts of the world is just as racist as America. And since “kids can be cruel,” it’s apparent in this footage the type of home-training they’ve received. Brace yourself.

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Racism is alive and well across the globe, and it’s incredibly shameful to know parents are teaching their kids — some so very young — to hate and mock others due to ethnicity.

The following video was uploaded to social media by Media Takeout. Rightly so, the footage has garnered much anger from the Black community.

And while several commentators (Black ones) say they would’ve cursed the kids out and made them move, various other non-Black commentators say that would’ve been “unnecessary.”

For instance, Madeline Ramos mentions:

“You can’t be cussing out kids….. kids do kid stuff… You have to be the adult and handle it.”

Well, sometimes, you have to also break kids down to build them back up — especially if they have a lot of bad habits. What they were doing on the playground wasn’t “kid stuff.” That was learned behavior.

WARNING: The following video contains sensitive material which some viewers may find offensive. Discretion is advised.

Even after not allowing the Black child onto the slide area — and after his mother took him over to another section of the yard to play alone — the kids followed them, continuing to mock…even in front of the boy’s parent as they did at the slide.

And getting real with those kids would’ve been “unnecessary,” as Silvana Carrion mentions? Seriously?

No, what was “unnecessary” was the fact those racist kids’ parents stood around and condoned their behavior towards the Black mother and son.

People can say the parents simply weren’t paying attention, but come on. They could see.

Then there are some who are saying “it has anything to do with race.” However, as you can see from the video — when another girl and boy wanted to slide — they let them inside the area and continued keeping the Black toddler out.

Facebook user Kelly Franklin pointed out something that should’ve been obvious for the other parents on location — as well as anyone else defending these racist bullies.

“The mom is pregnant and defenseless. She looked to the other parents to chastise their children. That’s not her job. She did right by removing her child from the negativity. Unfortunately, those kids have been taught ‘superiority’ at an early age.”

Another user commented as well. According to Sharonda Warfield, she visited Spain and dealt with blatant racism first-hand.

“I figured it was in Spain, and yes they are racist there. They think every Black person is African but, when I faced it, I voiced my opinion. I won’t ever visit Spain again, EVER.”

This is a sad occurrence to watch; and it’s even more saddening that grown-a** adults are taking up for the kids’ behaviors by saying it would do no good to punish them.

That is the problem. The kids obviously aren’t getting punished for acting this way. So, they feel it’s quite all right to continue. Then again, they’re possibly getting taught to act that way toward Blacks.

As aforementioned, it wasn’t a issue for the other little girl and boy who wanted to get on the slide, right? They let both of them on with no problem, then stood there ensuring the Black child wouldn’t get a turn.

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