Another Video Going Viral: Woman Calls Police On Black Woman For Smoking Outside

Posted On : 07/02/2018

Racist Calls Police On Black Woman For The Smokiest Reason

WELLINGTON MANOR, GEORGIA — Thankfully, local PD handled this situation with common sense after receiving a “disturbance call” from a fearful woman terrified of melanin.

On Sunday, July 1, Stacy Etheridge uploaded a video to Facebook which involved her daughter and an unknown-yet-highly-nosy white woman.

After not getting her way, she proceeded to call authorities — as if she’s oblivious regarding random Caucasians calling officers on Blacks for foolish reasons.


“Caucasian woman tells my daughter to put her cigarette out and decides to call the police on my daughter for smoking outside in a parking deck,” Etheridge mentioned via Facebook.

As you’ll see from the video, the Caucasian woman told the mother and daughter she was going to have them evicted for smoking on the premises — even though the daughter was outside and in the parking garage, not within the building’s interior at all.

With that in mind, Etheridge asked if the woman was racist — especially since she threatened to get them kicked out of the residence for something so trivial. Too, the woman stated that she didn’t care she was being recorded.

NOTE: So, she clearly understood the ramifications of her intended actions.

After getting footage of the woman’s license plate, Etheridge overheard the woman call and report the mother and daughter to authorities. However, Etheridge didn’t continue recording footage; yet, her video caption elaborated as follows.

“Police showed up and said it was no harm to others….this calling the cops on Blacks is getting way out of hand. Now you can’t smoke outside. #NewportNancy???”


Several people have called the social media community to action so the racist woman can become famous.

Actually, the term “Newport Nancy” came from another commentator, Leigh Smith.

Etheridge gave her props by stating: “You have just coined this lady’s name to Newport Nancy lmbooooo. I gotta hashtag that.”

Likewise, Smith hoped the situation would go viral.


When exactly will enough be enough of these ridiculous calls? Something’s got to give, right? For example, Rufus Castro mentioned a similar statement in Etheridge’s comments.

“TRUMP got these people thinking [they’re] superior and can call the police for any reason they feel is right and usually we would act a fool and beat they a** but I AM glad she kept her cool and was thinking smarter not harder….police will get tired of answering all these simple stupid a** calls.”

Another commentator pointed out a issue as well — all the emissions she’s exerting from her truck.

“What about those fumes from that raggedy ass truck,” Francine Gadson states via comment. “Newport Nancy should get an emission test before being messy.”

All in all, what are your thoughts about the way some Caucasians are calling police as the first action thought? Either they’re incredibly fearful of us…or they know exactly what they’re doing and are intentionally trying to get Blacks arrested.

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[Featured Photo via Stacy Etheridge / Facebook]

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