They Questioned The $1.50 Juice Charge And Ended Up With A Taser In Their Face

Posted On : 06/14/2018

It was a simple request that ended in a black couple being handcuffed and arrested.

Donald Copeland and Ms. Hart, placed a to-go order at the Waffle House in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

They disputed the price of a juice which they say was listed as $1, but for which they were charged $2.50.

As Copeland attempted to call a corporate 1-800 number to further dispute the bill, Waffle House employees called the police.

Staff told authorities the man was ‘being irate, screaming and cussing.’

Officers Challenge Copeland


Body cam footage from one of the officers shows him beckoning Copeland, who is on the phone, to ‘come here!’

The officer grows increasingly angry and adds ‘oh I’m going to put my hands on you, get out here!’.

He demands Copeland come outside and talk to him ‘like a man’.

After another officer goes inside the restaurant, Copeland comes out with his hands in the air and then turns to the left.

The officer asks Copeland, whose hands are still in the air, to pay his bill warning him if he doesn’t pay his bill ‘you’re going to jail’.

The Officer Took Out His Taser

As Copeland continues to question his bill, the officer eventually takes out his handcuffs and Taser.

While the other officer points his Taser at Copeland, his colleague then handcuffs him and leads him to a waiting squad car.

As his girlfriend shines the torch on her phone at him, she is also handcuffed, at which point she starts crying and saying that has done nothing wrong.

The footage was posted by Footage posted by activist and journalist Shaun King.

‘The man being arrested here refused to pay for a $1.50 overcharge on an orange juice that was listed as $1.00 on the menu. That’s all,’ wrote King.

‘When they refused to change the charge he demanded to talk to customer service.’

The woman returned to the Waffle House location later and received a full refund, it was reported.

Waffle House said as ‘anyone who has dined with us knows, we have a very diverse customer base and workforce’ adding that an investigation was underway into the incident at Walton Beach.

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