Puerto Rico: Mass Exodus To U.S. Mainland Pending, And Trump Couldn’t Sound More Incompetent

Posted On : 09/26/2017

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA — Surprise, SURPRISE!! Donald Trump opens his mouth about Puerto Rico and out flows more “Twilight Zone” bewilderment. Check this out.

Just when you thought Donald Trump couldn’t make himself out to be more than Buffoon-in-Chief, he proves everyone wrong when asked about United States’ recovery efforts in Puerto Rico.

In the way Donald Trump responds, he makes it seem as if Puerto Rico is lost at sea — like it’s a free-floating island in the Atlantic and has no idea regarding its location.

Here’s exactly what Trump said.

“It’s very tough because it’s an island. In Texas, we can ship the trucks right out there, you know, we’ve got A-pluses on Texas and Florida and we will also on Puerto Rico, but the difference is…this is an island sitting in the middle of an ocean, and it’s a big ocean, it’s a very big ocean.”


According to TripAdvisor, the average flight time from Houston to San Juan, Puerto Rico is 4 hours, 43 minutes.

Um…Trump spends that amount of time on a golf course, alone.

Maybe Shaun King said it best via his tweet regarding Trump’s conference.

“It’s like a 1st grader who wasn’t paying attention got called on to explain where Puerto Rico is…Then he strangely repeats it with pride.”

According to Donald Trump, U.S. recovery efforts are “doing a really good job.”

But, Puerto Rico begs to differ.


CNN reports that Puerto Rico’s governor, Ricardo Rosselló, is tremendously concerned that there’s no tangible evidence from the United States’ government regarding relief effort promises.

After describing Puerto Rico’s devastation as “apocalyptic,” he states as follows.

“We need something tangible, a bill that actually answers to our need right now. Otherwise, there will be … a massive exodus to the (mainland) United States.”

And, he’s not playing games.

***Trump THINKS his supporters are losing their minds right now. Just wait until this exodus happens. Lol!***


Donald Trump is taking his sweet-a** time about making moves concerning Puerto Rico.

***Check this out above. They already have a full relief campaign in the works for Puerto Rico.***

Meanwhile, CNN just announced that Trump plans to visit Puerto Rico … NEXT WEEK!

A whole seven days from now. Yet, according to the source, Trump states as follows.

“I know many Puerto Ricans, and they’re great people and we have to help them. It really was devastated. Some people say, I read it this morning, it’s literally destroyed. The infrastructure was in bad shape as you know in Puerto Rico before the storm, and now in many cases, it has no infrastructure, so it’s, you’re really starting from almost scratch.”

So, if that’s the case, get your Orange-in-Chief a** down there!

It’s approximately five hours by flight — nearly the same amount of time it would take to transport supplies into Texas and Florida by truck.

Stop making excuses.

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