He Is A Proud Product Of A Single Parent Family And Now The Ivy League Is Calling… 

Posted On : 07/10/2018

Isaiah Wellington Lynn, 23, was brought up to believe he could achieve anything.

He was raised by his mother Novlette in the borough of Newham, one of the most economically deprived areas in East London.

But due to his hard work and determination (and his mom as his biggest cheerleader) he won a scholarship at Harvard University.

Wellington Lynn was already a student at University College London. But he won a place to spend the third year of his degree at the prestigious institution.

 His Grant Fell Through


But sadly his grant fell through just weeks before the start of term in August 2017.

But undeterred, the ambitious student launched an online campaign and raised £64,000 in less than a month.

The remarkable young man pulled in donations from 700 people from around the world. Speaking to the Daily Telegraph he explained how his mom helped him approached his huge obstacle.

He said: ‘I have been brought up to believe that if someone told me that I could only achieve a certain grade, I would think why couldn’t I achieve the top grade. Why couldn’t I achieve an A-star.’

‘I always had that mindset that was born out of my mum’s willingness to show me what the world had to offer outside of my social background and the small confines of Stratford.’

But being determined and different saw Mr Wellington Lynn being bullied at primary school. His mom Novlette was determined to give her son a ‘middle-class’ upbringing, despite being from a ‘low socio-economic background’.

‘She took me to museums, theatres and art galleries,’ he wrote on his Stratford to Harvard Crowdfunder page.

‘I did different sports, basketball, football, cricket and I competed in swimming galas. I had French, German and drama classes, summer schools and similar at Easter and in the winter. I was never confined to my house.’

‘When I got home from school and wanted to play on the Xbox or Playstation, my mother would ask me to read a book before I could so. By the time I had read the book for an hour, I was so engrossed I didn’t play on the game.’

He Won A Competitive Internship

To raise money for the £64,000 needed to cover tuition, accommodation and living expenses – the young man contacted a number of potential donors. 

He was given five £1,000 donations in exchange for public speaking engagements and work experience. 

Eventually he made it to Harvard where he fully immersed himself in the college experience. He joined a number of societies and enrolled on various courses. He finished the year with a GPA of 3.9. 

He is now on an elite three-month Silicon Valley internship scheme, the Daily Telegraph reported.

He beat out 31,000 applicants to become one of just 140 students to be awarded the internship. 

The incredible young man now has his sights set on launching his own Venture Capital firm focusing on ‘social impact investing’.  

Mr Wellington Lynn added: ‘I also aspire to set up my own foundation to offer full scholarships and grants to support students from overlooked backgrounds, those with limited resources, but limitless potential.’

He will return to University College London this autumn to complete his degree.  

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