Proud Papa! Former NFL Player Chad Johnson Poses With All 7 Of His Children

Posted On : 01/15/2018

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Well, it appears that former NFL player, Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson is a father again. A woman named Alexia Farquharson took Johnson to court as she alleged that they were involved in a sexual encounter in 2015. In 2016,  Alexia Farquharson gave birth to a little girl, Cheyenne. At that time, Johnson was dating his then-girlfriend Crystal Bates. Not only does Farquharson want Johnson to pay for child support, she also wants him to cover her legal bills for having to file the paternity case.

Chad, You Are The Father:

According to The Blast, on December 28th, the former Dancing With The Stars contestant arrived to court to respond to a paternity suit filed by a woman named Alexia Farquharson. Despite the fact that Johnson was dating  Crystal Bates in 2015, Farquharson claims that they had sex in 2015 which resulted to her giving birth to a daughter in 2016. Prior to Farquharson’s child being born, Johnson already was a father to 6 children. The former NFL player’s youngest daughter was Kennedi with his ex-girlfriend, Crystal Bates. Now, things have changed.

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Interestingly enough, Johnson admitted to their sexual encounters and acknowledged that he was the father to Cheyenne. Recently, Johnson and all of his children were pictured on Black Celebrity Kids. Farquharson shared the photo shoot on her Instagram page. What’s most important is that Johnson wants to be in his daughter’s life and has no problem paying child support. In all fairness, Johnson believes that the court should decided how much he should pay in child support.

However, Johnson reportedly doesn’t believe that he should have to pay for  uninsured medical expenses or that he should pay Farquharson’s attorney fees. It appears that Johnson already has given Farquharson some form of child support payments as he asked the court to give him a credit. Additionally, The Blast stated that Ochocinco isn’t willing to pay retroactive child support payments.

Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson appears to be a good father and hopefully, he and Farquharson can reach a decision so that both parties are happy.

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