Proud Mama! Kevin Durant Throws Lavish Surprise Party For His Mom’s Birthday

Posted On : 09/12/2017
Wanda Durant, The Real MVP

It’s obvious that NBA player Kevin Durant loves his momma! Labeling her the ” Real MVP”, this weekend the Golden State Warriors champion threw his mother, Wanda Durant, a lavish 5oth birthday with all of their close family members and friends. With a smile on her and her sons by her side, Wanda looked amazing as Kevin pulled out all the stops for his most valuable mother, cheerleader, and number one supporter.

Fifty And Fly:

At a D.C. hotspot, FELT Bar and Lounge at MGM National Harbor, Wanda Durant celebrated her 50th birthday in style with an all-white cocktail party that was secretly orchestrated by her sons Kevin and Tony Durant. Now, if you’ve ever paid attention to Momma Durant, then you’ve noticed that she is always put together. While you can often find her sitting court side watching her son play, make no mistake that she also comes to slay. You can always catch Mama Durant with a fresh short haircut, a beat face, and a outfit tailor made for a queen! For her 50th birthday, the Real MVP did not disappoint as she was dressed in an off the shoulder sequin gown.

Kevin Durant was dressed in jeans as his mother rocked a sequin gown for her 50th.


Kevin Durant and his brother, Tony, threw their mother a surprise 50th bash.

Initially, Wanda was enjoying her birthday bash, however, their was a twinge of sadness as her sons were not there in the beginning. She believed they were out of the country. Of course, not wanting to disappoint their mom, Kevin and Tony surprised their mother by sneaking into the back of the room. Upon realizing that her sons had made it, she was full of tears. As the party continued, Wanda danced, smiled, and stopped for photo opportunities.

Wanda Durant at her 50th birthday bash.

For 50 years old, Wanda looks pretty good. Nonetheless, she still is considered a senior citizen now that she is 50 years old. To highlight the milestone birthday, Kevin presented his mother with an AARP honorary membership card along with an extravagant cake at the end of the party. Too thrilled, Wanda took to Instagram to acknowledge everyone for attending her birthday bash.



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