[Video] Professor Receives 8-Minute Racist Voicemail From An Ex-Probation Officer, After Seeing Him On Fox News

Posted On : 10/15/2017

COLLEGE PARK, MARYLAND — University of Maryland lecturer Jason Nichols shared a Facebook Live video of disgustingly vile and racist voicemails received after an appearance on Fox News.

Upon watching Nichols’ video, the voicemail included the following statements.

“This message is for Jason [Nichols]. I’ve been listening to him on Fox. You know, this f**king n****r, you n****rs are not going to be satisfied until you change every f**king piece of s**t holiday to N****r Day.”

Message: This is the Amerikkka that tells you racism isn’t alive and well.

Jason Nichols is a professor in African-American studies at the University of Maryland.

On Monday, October 9, he appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss Columbus Day with the host.

During the show, Nichols debated that Christopher Columbus doesn’t stand for American values, specifically putting to note Columbus’ enslavement and exploitation of the native population.

If you’re interested in Nichols’ interview, you can watch it below.


The very next day, the professor received racist voicemails around 11:45 a.m. from an unidentified caller.

***That’s how they do it, right? Hiding behind phones and computer screens. The obscenities coming from the woman’s mouth were completely reprehensible. Time and time again, she speaks that Blacks are “unable to live in civilized society,” yet she’s the one speaking like an uncivilized barbarian.***

Well, Nichols recorded video while listening to the woman’s audio and shared it to social media on Tuesday.

“You people cannot live in a civilized society because you’re f**king primates and you’re uncivilized. You know, you people are disgusting. You don’t belong here.”

WARNING: The following video contains offensively strong language. Viewer discretion is advised.

Currently, the video has received millions of views. It’s also been shared thousands upon thousands of times via multiple uploaders on Facebook.

However, in an outpour of compassion, Nichols has received major support on his posts.


In an interview, The Diamondback quotes Nichols as follows.

“I’m not even going to lie and say that it didn’t affect me. When you’ve been called a n****r, you know, 150 times in one day [and] it feels like at every turn you’re being called a n****r for 24 hours, and an idiot, and a moron, and now a primate and an ape — I don’t care how strong you are, it’s going to affect you.”

According to the source, this isn’t the first time Jason Nichols has appeared on Carlson’s show. During another previous segment, he’s also discussed the removal of Confederate statues.

Yet, likewise, this isn’t the first time Nichols has received hate mail — as aforementioned to The Diamondback.

Check the following tweets as more evidence.

***Yet, these are the types who say Donald Trump is a genius at running the country. Disgraceful.***

The professor mentions that he generally receives “abusive emails” after his appearances — most of which, he doesn’t even hear because he asks the front office to delete any voicemails he receives.

However, on Monday, he decided to take a listen.


According to Jason Nichols, he wanted to share the voicemail to bring awareness that racism comes from those in influential positions as well (just as it did in the 1900’s).

Even the woman from the voicemail said she’s worked as a probation officer.

Can you imagine the injustices she’s possibly committed against Black parolees if THAT is how she feels?

I wanted to let people know that these people are bankers and law enforcement and parole officers and in many positions of power that can affect people’s lives and in some cases destroy them,” Nichols says.


Via Twitter, University President Wallace Loh condemned the voicemail on Friday, as reports The Diamondback.

“If you have seen the despicable verbal attack on #UMD Professor Nichols, please join our community in showing support for him.

Although this experience has been a painful one, Jason Nichols says it’s not going to stop him from continuing to appear on Fox if invited.

He mentions that, while going on networks like MSNBC is great, you’re still pretty-much “preaching to the choir.” Nichols believes — in order to be more effective in bringing racism to light, as can be seen from the video — we have to get in front of those who pose biased narratives like Fox.

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