Delusional Gate Attendant Who Calls 911 On Innocent Man Is Denied Privilege & More

Posted On : 09/24/2018

AUSTIN, TEXAS — A video has gone viral showing the totality of white people’s ability to attempt using police for their own malicious intentions, all compiled in one woman’s 911 call.


According to KTSA 107.1, the incident takes place in the Austin area, at Cedar Breaks Park.

Reportedly, Chris Hampshire finds himself in quite the weird situation when he tries to leave the park. He had finished a few runs on his jet ski at Lake Georgetown and was ready to go.

But apparently on his exit route, Hampshire makes a wrong turn somewhere.

However, before he could correct himself and turn around, he’s stopped by a woman — now identified as a former gate attendant. She doesn’t allow him to leave.


While basically holding him hostage — standing in front of his vehicle — she tells the man she’s going to call police. Seeing how this is about to play out, Hampshire takes out his phone and begins recording…a fact of which the woman also reports on her call.

“He’s recording me!” the woman exclaims on the phone.

Continuing her persistent false cry for help, she pretends Hampshire is running her over, calling him a “lunatic” over the phone.

She also repeatedly yells for someone named “Mike” — although it appears Mike wants no part of what she’s doing because he never comes outside.

If you’re interested in Hampshire’s footage, check the video below.

“Park rangers eventually make their way over to the commotion,” KTSA 107.1 reports. “The woman, who the government says is a gate attendant, cries to them that Hampshire needs to be arrested.”

But of course, after seeing the video for themselves, they let Hampshire leave. Yet, it isn’t over for the man.

The source says, on his way out, he sees approximately a dozen police officers heading toward the area. That’s when a few spot his vehicle, turn around in pursuit, and pull Hampshire over.

Nevertheless, it’s also a quick fix. The man lets officers see the woman via his recorded footage, and they let him go without further issue, according to the source.

NOTE: Hampshire is a Caucasian male, by the way. And although we’d like to think the outcome would be the same if it were a Black man accused of running over a white woman — attempting to show police irrefutable evidence clarifying otherwise — would officers have let him go or even taken a look at the video?

After the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (her employer) found out about the video, they let her go faster than Donald Trump is trying to let go of equality.

The agency said her actions don’t reflect their standards and aren’t condoned at all.

“The gate attendant is no longer at the park or providing contracted gate attendant duties at any of our lakes,” the agency mentions in a statement.

Again, this goes to show that some people have absolutely no shame or conscience regarding their actions against others. She knew very-well the possible outcome of calling authorities on the man.

But she gladly did it anyway — and even taunted him with the idea he’d be arrested and jailed, letting him know he was in “big trouble.”

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