Principal Suspends Girl After She Beats Down Bully For Calling Her A Racial Slur

Posted On : 05/03/2018

DALLAS, TEXAS — This father is furious after finding out his daughter was suspended for defending herself on a school bus against a racist bully.

So, this is what we’re doing now? Really, Amerikkka? Sanctioning racist bullies?

Quick Info: ED Walker Middle School, 12532 Nuestra Dr, Dallas, TX 75230, (972) 502-6100 — as provided by her father.

According to Aaron Vinson, his daughter received some unbelievable news. Apparently, Ed Walker Middle School principal Holly Wallace thought it was appropriate to suspend Vinson’s daughter, Khaira Addison-Vinson — after she beat the brakes off a school bus bully.

“My daughter was on the school bus talking to her friend and this little racist boy started to bully her,” Vinson explains via Facebook, “and when she asked him to ‘stop please’, the little boy said ‘what are you going to do about it, N***er.'”

“Now, I teach my kids how to defend themselves cuz I used to be a fighter at MainBoxing Gym, so course she got up and she laid hands on the coward and the terrorist racist is leaking blood from his nose and mouth. Ed Walker MS principal Holly Wallace saw fix to suspend my daughter … who’s being terrorized and Bully by this racist coward.”

The Black Loop attempted to reach out to Aaron; however, according to his daughter, Facebook has placed her father in “jail” for 30 days.

NOTE: It’s totally amazing how Facebook continues defending oppressors and censoring victims. Wow.


So, Mr. Vinson goes up to the school to speak with the principal face-to-face. Instead of discussing the matter with him, Holly Wallace focused on the fact that his child was recording the situation on video.

Wallace: “I’m gonna ask your son to please put the phone down.”

Aaron: “So, you’re the principal??…I want to understand how my daughter got called a ‘n***er’, and you suspend her for 3 days!”

Wallace: “Sir, please put your phone down.”

Aaron: “Record it!”

Wallace: “I’m going to give you this paperwork. I’m not going to have this discussion. He cannot record me.”

When Aaron questioned Holly Wallace on whether she talked to the lil’ bully-a** racist, she responded that she did speak with him.

Mr. Vinson, then, asked her to clarify what she said to him. Since they were still recording the situation, she refused to answer.

Rightfully so, Aaron Vinson was heated.


Several people have left 1-star reviews on the school’s Facebook page, along with scathing remarks about the improper way Holly Wallace chose to handle this situation.

For instance, Tiara Burt mentioned as follows.

“So y’all letting white kids call black kids n***er and suspending the black child. I hope yo a** get fired; this school need to be shut down. Also as a mom if a white racist a** prick lil b***h of a child call my baby a n***er, my child will lay they a** out!”

And many parents, including Aaron Vinson, feel the exact same. As aforementioned, Vinson has made it plain that his kids will continue to lay hands on bullies who think to come at them sideways.

Too, Tiffany Frazier had a few words for the middle school principal as well.

“Allowing your students to be in a hostile learning environment due to racial discrimination is intolerable,” Frazier comments. “Hold this student accountable for misconduct in calling his peer a racial slur. Otherwise you are complicit in the discriminatory act and promoting exclusion of minority students.”

“As public servant in education, you are to be responsive to the diverse needs and problems of your students. Provide a structured and supervised learning environment or seek counsel and get off payroll.”

So far, there’s no word regarding what happened to the racist bully. At the time of this publication, the school has not returned Black Loop’s phone call.

If you will, please let us know your thoughts about this developing situation. If you have any comments, feel free to share them via our Facebook page…or Ed Walker Middle School‘s Facebook page.

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[Featured Photo via Aaron Vinson / Facebook]

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