[Video] ‘The Price Is Right’ Makes History, And Everyone Loses Their Minds!

Posted On : 09/29/2017

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA — This episode of The Price is Right was completely unreal! No one, not even the contestants, expected this to happen. The audience went wild!

According to KENS-5 Eyewitness News, this was the show’s premiere week for its 46th season.

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If there’s anyone who doesn’t before watching the video below, you will afterwards.

It was truly a record-breaking moment for the contestants and The Price Is Right.

The show’s administration literally had to put a cap on winnings!

Well, according to the source, this is Drew Carey’s 10th season hosting the show. And since this is the case, anyone who landed on $1.00 would get $10,000.

The last three contestants went to the wheel for the spin. That’s when the TURN UP happened!

The first contestant got $1.00…then the second one…then the third one!


All three got to spin one more time and wouldn’t you know it, the first two landed on $1.00 AGAIN meaning they each got another $25,000,” as reports KENS-5.

Exactly! Absolutely crazy.

The source reports as follows.

At this point the audience, contestants, and Drew Carey are losing it. $80,000 in a matter of minutes.

Unfortunately for the third contestant, he didn’t luck up on another $1.00.

But, he did leave with an extra $10,000 in his pocket — plus the prizes he won before the Big Wheel.

The last two contestants, who already won $35,000, had to head back to the wheel once more.

Before the spin, Drew asked if they would get more money if they hit $1.00 again.

Administration swiftly said that particular spin was only for the high-value placement determining who would proceed to the Showcase Showdown.

The second contestant was the winner and advanced with an extra $35,000 in her pocket.

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