The Truth Behind President Barack Obama’s Beard – Twitter’s Losing It’s Mind Over This

Posted On : 02/11/2018

WORLDWIDE — Twitter users and the rest of social media are losing their minds after seeing a recently uploaded photo of President Barack Obama…bearded. And it’s getting “inappropriate.”

Beard gang…you’ve seen it by now. No, it’s not a real gang — but simply a hashtagged collective of men showcasing facial hair.

However, throughout our prosperous years of basking under the Obama administration, America along with the rest of the world only witnessed Barack clean-shaven.

For the most part, even though some of his hair was graying, he still maintained quite the youthful countenance on his face.


Note: Be careful. Michelle looks like she can throw hands. Don’t forget, she’s from Southside.

Anyway, via Twitter, females (and some males) are going crazy over the newly-released photo Mr. Obama. You can check it for yourself below.

Even gospel artist Kierra Sheard had to comment on President Obama’s beard. She mentioned as follows.

“Is this my #president?! Or did y’all photoshop this? ????????? fiiiiinnneee! Lord! Congratulations 1st Lady …have mercy!”


Apparently, the beard isn’t exactly real. In actuality, Barack Obama spoke on his beard-growing inability years ago.

According to Huffington Post, Obama says he simply “can’t” grow facial hair at all. Instead, as mentions Mr. Obama, he only gets “whiskers.”

But, do you think people care? This is now a permanent goal for the United States and rest of the world.

Note: Here’s a tweet containing the real photo.

All in all, let us know your thoughts about Obama’s beard look. Who knows? Maybe one day he might get some type of hair growth treatment, just for this particular look.

Ladies are definitely keeping hope alive.

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[Featured Photo via @VeganAri / Twitter]

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